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Bandhej Sarees


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30 per page

12 Item(s)

What is a Bandhej Saree?

A Bandhej Saree or a Bandhani Saree is an outfit mostly worn by women of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. A Bandhani Saree is the traditional Indian Sari dyed using a special tie & dye technique. The dying technique used in Bandhej Saris is exhaustive, creative and very delicate, which is why it is mostly women that are given this job while the men prepare the shades of the dye. The term Bandhani or Bandhej is believed to have been derived from the root Sanskrit work ‘bandh’ which means ‘tying’.

In Bandhej Sarees, the drape to be dyed is folded carefully in a particular pattern and then fastened tightly with a thread all around it. Then, the cloth is dyed with different colors in different sections. The design outcome varies mostly on the technique of string tying around the cloth. Based on the pattern of dying, some of the most popular bandhani prints are lehariya, ekdali, mothra and shikari etc.


Fabrics, Colours and Embellishments on a Bandhani Saree


Bandhani Sarees, though generally are made of cotton, can be made in a variety of fabrics ranging from crepe and chiffon to silk and georgette etc. However, when the fabric is lighter, it is easier to fold into a small shape and dye it. As a tradition, Bandhej Sarees are made in combinations of contrasting bright and dark colours. Generally, solid colours like red, black, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange and blue etc are used in making Bandhej sarees. However, with the passage of time and with umpteen evolutions in the common fashion, colours like off white, cream, beige, turquoise etc are also used.

 After a Bandhani Saree has been dyed, it can be adorned with various prints ( the most famous ones being solid white squares, circles and curves, distant stripes and other psychedelic patterns) and embellished using various techniques such as kundan work, gota patti work, shimmer, sequence (sequins), zari, lace borders and embroidery etc.

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