The 3 Most Popular Indian Saree Variants

The 3 Most Popular Indian Saree Variants

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Speaking of traditional Indian outfit, the saree is the most important attire for any Indian woman. Sarees have always been a popular attire and come with a traditional yet ethnic feel. This Indian attire has been well praised by millions all over the world. In fact, Sarees are said to be the epitome of regional and cultural diversities of a country. The Western world is also showing strong interest in these Indian women apparels. The beauty of women is best reflected through this unique garment.


Speaking of Indian sarees, there are a lot of varieties to consider when you consider shopping for these items. India is a place of multiple religions, states, and cultures. Every culture has its own style of attire and clothing styles. Similarly, they also have their own style and design when it comes to saree. Here are some of the most common variants:


Benarasi sarees


This is probably the most important and famous Indian saree variant. Marriage ceremonies or other happy traditional events remains incomplete with these exquisite Indian women attire. This saree variant is most popularly worn by the Indian Brides. These sarees feature exquisite Moghul designs and are woven with intricate patterns. However, the most signature style of these sarees is the fact that they include a certain narrow pattern along the inner or outer edge of the border. These patterns are commonly known as Jhallr that resembled upright leaves. Benarasi Sarees are quite expensive, being woven in pure golden threads and it takes weeks to complete one piece.


Kanjiveram sarees


This is another popular sarees from the southern part of India. The kanjiveram silk sarees are probably the most popular of all. These sarees have a touch of sophistication and are woven with silver and pure golden threads. These sarees are known to be quite durable. Due to thickened silk base, Kanjiveram sarees are extremely expensive. Also, they are much durable and quite popular in the west. Parrot and Peacock motifs are common designing patterns that you can witness on these sarees.


Kota Doria sarees


This is probably one of the most exquisite sarees that come from the Indian state of Rajasthan. This saree is woven in pure cotton that makes the saree absolutely light in weight. These sarees are widely recognized because of the unique fabric being used that makes them both transparent, lightweight, and extremely elegant. However, these sarees are mostly suitable for warm climatic conditions. They have a certain touch of elegance and creates a perfect attractive fee.


If you are planning to purchase designer sarees online, there are several reputed eCommerce stores available to make your shopping experience satisfactory. However, you must focus on the maintenance part. Every designer saree comes with certain instructions for maintenance to enhance the longevity.

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