Here’s your guide to join the Saree Sqaud!

  1. Select the suitable Fabric

Choose Chiffon, Georgette or synthetic fabric to look slimmer and taller. Fabrics like cotton, organza, tussar silk is apt for tall and slim body types.

  1. Cast your shades.

Choose the right color shades for your complexion and go according to your liking.

  1. Prints

If you’re a petite body type avoid horizontal lines and big bold prints. Likewise, tall women must avoid small prints and vertical lines.

  1. Pin it right

Pin up your saree so that it is manageable. But if you aim at achieving an attractive look leave your pallu loose. Also avoid bigger pins at the shoulder, they give a clumsy look.

  1. Fittings

Make sure that the blouse fitting are right. To achieve an extra slimming effect choose a long sleeved blouse.
So come, join the saree squad with KALKI fashion!

Just incase you want to try out some?