Getting engaged is an incredible moment that both you and your partner will never forget. Following the shock, drops and excitement have carried off a bit, it’s time to share your exciting news with the world. And what better way to do so than on social media. Departed are the times of inviting your family and friends to show them you’ve got engaged, today it’s as easy as snapping a few photos or a video and with a few clicks, your complete social media followers will know your exciting news. Here are some artistic approaches to announce your engagement – both on social media and in person!

1. It is an epic story to tell.

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Whether you get engaged on a shore or at wonderland, indulging portions of your proposal in pictures is an exceptional way to share your tale with your gang. It can be difficult to tell the entire narrative in one photo, so use the caption or add some swipe image to include everything up.

2. Bring on the Candid moments along.

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Whether you rent a sneaking photographer or try to set up a hidden camera yourself, seizing the time is often the last thing on anyone’s remembrance. If you are lucky enough to have your special moment captured, use these pictures to announce your engagement. Appointing a sneaky photographer would work wonderfully and can give you good result

3. Brag your wedding ring.

One of the most straightforward ways to declare your engagement is by flaunting off your ring. Speeches are often not required to describe what that ring on your left ring finger means. It’s as plain as finding an attractive backdrop and capturing a quick pick on your phone.

4. Get creative

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If sharing your ring is a bit too simple for you, think outside of the box and do something creative. A play on words or smartly adding ‘Mrs’ to everyday things like your Starbucks cup is an awesome way to announce you’re going to get hitched.

5. Hashtag It Before Its Too Late


We live in the world of hashtags so why not use a few when announcing your engagement. Hashtags like ‘#ISaidYes’, ‘#HeProposed’, ‘#Engaged’ and ‘#GettingMarried’, accompanied by a photo of your choice can say plenty. Remember that using a hashtag will also allow anyone searching for that hashtag to see your photos.

6. Throw A Surprise Party.

Before declaring your commitment to anyone, why not summon your friends and family to a gathering where you can unravel your announcement. It’s a great way of sharing your time with those that you admire greatest in person while having good food, wine, and loads of love. This would be a great way to capture their shocking face so don’t forget to equip the space with hidden cameras.

8. Change Your Status

If you wish to avoid all the hype of posting a photo on social media, why not just simply change your Facebook status to engaged. This way your friends and family will still be able to see your news without sharing any details of your private and special moment.

9. Involve Your Furry Family

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Pets are like family so why wouldn’t you include them in your engagement announcement. Dress them up and include them in your engagement shoot allowing them to tell the world that their humans are getting married.
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