Indian bridal outfits are no longer only about bling and fabric. There is a elegance factor that every bride looks for and does not mind experimenting with more subtle colors and fabrics that have intricate designs and handwork which gives an austere look. Sabyasachi is one such designer who is synonymous to bridal outfits. A bride who has a fortune of wearing his outfit is labeled the ‘Sabyasachi Bride’ and undoubtedly she takes pride in being called so.

If you’re looking out to be a Sabyasachi Bride, here are a few tips that might help you.

1. Don’t be afraid to try different colors:

While Sabyasachi does the most beautiful job in making red bridal lehengas, there is much more you can experiment with when it comes to colors. Opt for a neutral color and see how it lends itself to spaces that don’t overwhelm.

2. Choose the flare of your lehenga wisely:

In the quest of looking grand, do not go for overly flared lehengas that make you look bigger than your original size. Choose the flare of your lehenga depending on your body type.

3. Blouse is the King:

The blouse is one factor in the outfit that can never stop attracting eye balls if designed and materialized well. The trend of intricate hand work with stone and bead embellishments is here to stay. Opt for a neckline that suits your body. For eg. If you are wanting to look leaner, try the

4. Jewelry:

The trend of unusual or stand out pieces is the thing now. The traditional classic Kundan, Polki and other styles are here to stay. Pairing your light colored bridal outfit with dark colored jewelry or vice versa will help you to add the intensity to your look.
So take up these tips and see yourself being called ‘The Sabyasachi Bride’.