With the fashion trend these days largely shifting towards more and more Western and European styles, it becomes more important for you as a fashionista to set yourself apart from the conforming trends of today and raising the bar high, not only for yourself but for those around you as well. Of course, you cannot just completely do away with your casual jeans and pants, they are one of the staple clothing items that almost every individual has, but you can improve your wardrobe with a splash of color and twist! This is where your Indian ethnicity comes into play! This season, your wardrobe should be all about kurtas and kurtis and all the different ways that you can pair them with other articles of clothing that you have!
If you are bored of your clothes and are looking to improve your style quotient, then you have come to the right place for sure! Given below are some of the top kurta and kurti styles that you can adopt in your daily wear and infuse that wow factor to your personality!
Stock up your party wear kurtis!
So, the first thing you got to do stock up your wardrobe with some trendy kurtis which you can wear to any party occasion be it a wedding or a casual hangout with friends! The best place to shop in this case is to go for Kalki Fashions with your eyes closed for sure. I would recommend starting with this emerald green asymmetric with a gorgeous design on the neck! It is one of their bestsellers and you can check it out right here!
Go for daily wear dress kurtis
Dressing up for daily wear is the actual challenge since coming up with a new outfit everyday can be a tiresome task. However, if you play your cards right and invest in kurtis from Kalki Fashion, then half your battle will be won! Check out this mustard yellow loose A – line kurta which is a really cool twist on short kurtis with sage green dhoti style pajamas right here
Adopt those elegant kaftans
The best thing to wear during the sticky and hot months of summer and monsoons are probably Kaftans. They are an amazing take on Kurtas and can really make you look elegant if you know what just how to style it! Kalki Fashion teaches you exactly that! Check out this sheer shaded kaftan which is sprinkled with hand embroidered designs!
Kurtis with Jacket is the in thing!
Another twist that you can add to kurtis is the ‘jacket.’ Kalki Fashions has the best collection of kurti – jacket combos which will really add to your style and wardrobe. Check out this beautiful grey item right heregrey-front-panel-embroidered-tunic-dress-with-frilled-layer-long-jacket-only-on-kalki-485781_3_ (1)