Bollywood Fashion Files!

Bollywood Fashion Files!

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  1. Bollywood viral blogJacqueline Fernandez:

One of the most versatile divas in Bollywood who is also an inspiration because of her outstanding dress sense was spotted dressed in a breathtaking black gown at a MTv event. She did justice to ‘Black beauty’ with her alluring look.

  1. Vidhya Balan:

Carrying Indian attire with grace and beauty is what sets her apart from the rest. This Bollywood diva has kept the Indian tradition alive and given it a new meaning by carrying it off just as elegantly like no other.


  1. Evelyn Sharma

This new Bollywood diva has made her way to everyone’s heart with her flawless acting skills and doesn’t seem to leave anyone in doubt with her superlative dress sense. She was seen dressed in a printed white dress which added charm to her ever glamorous beauty.

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