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Spice a themed kitty party or a dazzling cocktail party with the cape take.

Cape Dress It!

Put on a cape on a simple dress and get the charisma powers. Just make sure that the cape matches the dress and add some pretty pumps with a little bit of drama!

Cape on top

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Get on with a cape on a crop top with a wrap around skirt for that laid-back party outfit. Dazzle the outfit with a chunky necklace on the cape for an awe-inspiring look.


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Throw on a glam cape on an anarkali to wear at an ethno-modern party. Charm everyone with your take on future-friendly fashion.

Capesize It

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Let that spotlight shine on you, amplify your gown with a cape and set the ramp on fire! Less is more with capes; you just need your smile to enchant everyone.

Cape it Off-shoulder

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Cape it differently with a one-shoulder on a dress which is elegant to wear at a cocktail party and earn all the fashion points alone.

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