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Manish Arora the ultimate craftsmen expert is a well known for his great contributions in the field of designs, fashion

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Who is Manish Arora?

Manish Arora, popularly known as the John Galliano of India, is one of the most original, quirkiest, distinctive and innovative Fashion designers of India. He is known for his use of unconventional color palette, unique motifs and fresh designs. Manish Arora is one of the most famous Indian fashion designers abroad, with names like MIA, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga being some of the international celebrities that have worn his creations at important functions and shows.

Manish Arora Collections

Fashion designer Manish Arora collections are full of cherishable eccentricity and uniqueness. He uses bright, off beat colors and kitsch motifs giving his creations a psychedelic, neo-Bohemian feel.

Although most Indian designer’s collections focus on blending the Indian couture with western sartorial approaches, however, only few designers are able to achieve trendsetting contemporariness like a Manish Arora dress. His works, as opposed to being ostentatiously filled with embellishments and craftworks, are usually decorated with intricate designs and prints that combine dreaminess and the spirit of the chosen theme in a very subtle way.

Indian by Manish Arora

Manish Arora has worked with many brands and ventures, including the international sports gear brand Reebok and the very uptown and famous ‘Paco Rabane’. Recently, he teamed up with an Indian Ethnic wear brand to create his own unique line of inspired clothing called ‘Indian’. Indian by Manish Arora is impeccably global in appeal, yet has subtle underlines of the kaleidoscopic Indian-ness. The collection features tunics, tops, kurtis, Sarees, suits, Lehengas, skirts and Indian inspired trousers in psychedelic and mystic Indian prints and off beat colours, making them truly global in their appeal.

Indian by Manish Arora sarees have been donned religiously by Sonam Kapoor, who is an Indian style icon, and other famous celebrities like Pallavi Sharda and Shahana Goswami etc. These sarees are made in beautiful and dreamy colours in neon shades and embellished with eccentric and trendy craftwork. Manish Aroras new collection of suits the bold, the quirky, the goofy and the really trendy alike!

Check out Manish arora Sarees online at the KalkiFashion Manish Arora fan page and other designs from Manish Arora collections online.

Thanks to the online stores, you can now buy Manish Arora online from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy the latest collections of Manish Arora online shopping from the comfort of your chair, whether you are at home or at office!

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