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Tarun Tahiliani is one of the most celebrated Indian Fashion designers in India as well as abroad. That he is the epitome of the luxurious and fashionable blending of the Indian royal heritage and the European sartorial styles is made clear by the fact that he is the first Indian fashion designer to be invited to showcase his creations at the mighty Milan Fashion Week. Tarun Tahiliani was first noticed on a national scale when the British heiress Jemima Khan wore a Tarun Tahiliani outfit at her wedding to Imran Khan, the Pakistani Politician and former Cricketer, in the year 1995. Tarun Tahiliani also has to his name the opening of the first multi designer fashion store ‘Ensemble’ in India in the year 1987.

Tarun Tahiliani Collections

Tarun Tahiliani’s designer outfits are inspired by refined living, elegance and the Indian royalty. However, what sets him apart from other contemporary designers of our times is his unique ability to coalesce western and modern designing with the craftsmanship of the Indian artisans and weavers. The ancient Indian craftwork and vestiary techniques have been passed down through generations since centuries. That is why, certain crafts are only known to very few families in specific parts of the country. Tarun Tahiliani dresses are an assortment of such dexterous and rare handcrafts, which have been molded with a modern, contemporary appeal, to create mesmerizing high Fashion creations.

Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Collection

The philosophy of Tarun Tahiliani when it comes to Bridal and Wedding wear is feeling comfortable while looking absolutely ravishing and attractive. That is why, Tarun Tahiliani ensure that the ethics of haute couture are creatively used to add uniqueness and individuality in his costumes.

The Tarun Tahiliani Bridal collection 2013 was beautifully showcased on a runway covered by the outline of a royal palace. When asked about his inspiration behind the designs, he said that he wanted to design wedding costumes that were comfortable and light but were mesmerizing enough to be spotted even from their back. The Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Lehengas showcased on the ramp were a beautiful collection in colours such as emerald green, maroon, red, blue, off white, beige, pink, orange and other shades of the crimson.

Also, very fine examples of his creations are the Tarun Tahiliani designer suits, especially Tarun Tahiliani Kalidar dresses. Also known as Anarkali suits, these dresses are the most favorite pick of the Indian woman, especially celebrities and Bollywood actresses, for special occasions. Tarun Tahiliani designer Sarees are also frequently seen worn by famous Indian celebrities at social events, press conferences and page 3 functions. Thanks to the availability of the internet, you can now buy tarun tahiliani sarees online and get clad in graceful attires fit for any important occasion.

Tarun Tahiliani Buy Online

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