Like everybody, do you even have crop tops on your mind? Here are some thoughts to calm your trend thirst.

Color Play
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It is important for you to pick the right colors. Black makes you look thin but however you can play with the myriad variety of colors available.
Fine Fabrics
Choose fabrics that suit the best for occasion. Soft cotton fabrics are the best option for summers. However opt for heavier fabrics with rich work for weddings and other occasions.
Sleeve Edit
Long sleeve tones the arm and also makes it appear longer. They look chic and pretty balancing the length of the crop top.
Hem Length
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The length of the crop top should be not too short and you should consider trying on the crop top to check the length. However when paired with the right bottoms you can sure strike a 10.
Bottom Benefit
If you are coy about showing little skin pair up the crop top with high-waist denims or skirts. However you may want to flaunt your figure with crop tops and also it’ll disguise some length.