The best option for a wedding outfit is the saree. It is appealing to all women regardless of age, shape, height, weight, or skin tone. The elegant saree has a rich silhouette that flatters a woman’s curves and makes her look elegant. It is a timeless wardrobe essential that is always in fashion.


But did you know that now you can drape a saree in different ways to turn heads at a wedding function?

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No woman can go wrong wearing a saree to an Indian wedding, especially when it is chosen carefully. The only challenge is choosing the appropriate one for your body type. You must choose the appropriate fabric and design to give your figure the best possible look. To help you choose sarees for wedding events that will flatter your body type and ensure that you look stunning, we are sharing some advice with you below. Read on! 

1. Ditch the Traditional Pallu for a Sleek One

How about going noodle-strap because it’s ideal for a daytime wedding or a poolside fun gathering? On your cocktail or Sangeet, wear a georgette or satin pre-pleated saree that’s blue. Use a halter neck, strapless, or a noodle strap blouse with a sleek pallu style. This saree draping method is perfect if you want to seem stylish and upbeat during a destination wedding.

Check out how the super-stylish Radhika Bangia rocked this look here – 

2. Pick a Wrap-around Drape with Balloon Sleeve Blouse

You want to wear something ethnic but comfortable to your sangeet so that you can rock the event with your bridesmaids. This is a very informal and comfortable drape where you have a box or small pleats around your waist and sleek pleats on the Pallu. You can team it up with a balloon sleeve blouse that will make the whole look super stylish and comfortable! 

This is how the stunning influencer Aashna Hegde rocked the look in our KALKI FASHION ensemble – 

3. Go Metallic, ‘Coz Why Not!

The adage “old is gold” perfectly describes this drape. However, it comes with a twist! Since ancient times, sarees have always been draped traditionally. It is the most appropriate dress for both secular and religious wedding ceremonies. The saree is usually pleated and tucked in just below the navel in the traditional draping. 

Additionally, pleated and pinned to the shoulder is the pallu. The front pleats in this drape must be carefully formed because they are visible. But here, you can wear a belt around your waist to keep the saree in place. Also, a long balloon-sleeve blouse can make the whole look more fashionable. Also, by ditching the traditional colours, you can make heads turn towards you by picking a metallic shade for the saree. 

Need help with how it can look? Check out the stunning blogger Prableen Kaur Bhomrah showing up classily in this metallic saree –

4. Chic Skirt-style Drape

You must have already seen celebrities draping sarees as a skirt. And perhaps you can take a cue from them and try this beautiful skirt-style saree drape. Try putting on a sleeveless sequined blouse. And voila! You would look amazingly beautiful. 

Check out this black, pre-pleated skirt-style saree from KALKI FASHION worn by the beautiful Alisha Pekha – 

5. Easy Breezy Pre-pleated Sarees

Never before had draping a saree been simpler. The simplest technique to achieve an exquisite appearance is by doing this. Even if you’ve never worn a saree before, you can do it now with ease, and the greatest part is that you won’t seek assistance. In reality, it can be put on in a few minutes and is just as simple to wear as any skirt. You may easily dress for any formal occasion by simply draping the pre-pleated saree over a petticoat and adjusting the pallu over your left shoulder. 

Check out this black, sequined pre-pleated saree from KALKI worn by the pretty Sukhmani Gambhir – 

Choose your saree draping techniques based on your preferences and appearance. You are not required to follow the supposedly popular trends. Set your trends with courage. Consult a designer before selecting your jewellery and accessories. 

Dress those nine yards in a way that future brides will want to imitate! Think about donning your sari in one of these three distinctive draping methods the next time you’re getting ready for a wedding (or your wedding!).

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