Summer is here! Your winter wardrobe can be transformed into a summer one. Crop your tops up and  be summer ready!

Here are some fun ways how you can DIY crop tops!
1) Take a top of your choice, and cut it horizontally to your desired waist hem. Stretch the hem so that it doesn’t look freshly cut. You can also cut the sleeves shorter if you have a full sleeves top as desired.
2) Repeat the same steps except in the front leave a ‘v’ shape so that you can tie the top!
3) If you want a different look, you can cut it vertically and pull them making it a fringe. Make sure you cut it in a good pattern or have a guideline.
4) Make your own quote tee. Write your favourite quote or words and print it on an iron-on transfer paper and transfer it on your tee! Crop the top as per desired and you have your very own personalized tee!
5) Do you want your tee to be more glamorous? Add some lace and other embellishments and stick it on the tee with fabric glue! And there you have it, your very own glam crop top!