Drape your 6 Yards in Style!

Drape your 6 Yards in Style!

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Sport interesting twists in your saree draping styles following the fashion cultures in different states in India.

Traditional Saree Style


The traditional saree draping style or ‘nivi’ is what most of us practice. The simple versatile style originated in Andhra Pradesh. Stun everyone with the chic nivi style of draping and complement your saree with ethnic accessories.

Bengali Saree Style


In the typical Bengali style, the saree is worn wrapping the pallu around the body twice with two wide pleats at the front. Commonly, the Cotton, handloom and brocade sarees are used for this style of draping the saree. Add the traditional jewelry with the saree and the widely popular bindi.

Gujarati SareeStyle

Gujarati saree draping style has become very popular due to its similarity with the traditional saree draping style, however the pallu is arranged differently. The pallu is brought towards the front over the right shoulder instead of placing on the left shoulder. You can either tuck the end at the back partially or either left hanging. Stylish sarees with elegantly embellished pallu.

Kerala Saree Style


The classic Kerala style of draping the saree also called as MunduNeriyathum comprises of two parts, ‘Neriyathum’ in which the upper section of the saree is  draped over the blouse and ‘Mundu’ which means that the lower one draped around the body and tucked behind. The classic white saree with golden zari border is the saree traditionally used for this style.

Maharashtrian Saree Style


The traditional Maharashtrian saree is a 9-yard saree also called the ‘Nauvari’ saree with a fabric which drapes very neatly. Add the signature nose ring, and those colorful bangles with floral jewelry.


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