Fashion Forecast: The poignant Paisley Print

Fashion Forecast: The poignant Paisley Print

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The paisley print is fashion inspired from nature! Paisley is everywhere this season, from western to ethnic wear but even when it’s not trending, this classic print just never   disappears. Paisley Prints being a key element of traditional ethnic wear and are the season’s hottest trend among all. The best part about it is that it suits every age and all body types. Paisley prints in bright colors grabs attention and give a retro look. There is something beautifully earthy about this two-tone print that captures the very essence of Indian ethnic wear. The “boteh”, a droplet shaped leaf motif, still takes us to the “summer of love”.

Did you know that the design originally came from ancient Iran and arrived in Europe in the 17th century, where it was used on wool shawls? The paisley print spiked in popularity in the 1960’s when it was appropriated by hippies who liked its connection to Eastern cultures.

Nothing will enhance your summer style like a paisley printed cotton saree or salwar kameez. It is a must-have this season. One can choose to go for an unstitched cotton printed salwar kameez and customize it to your own style or go for a ready-made one. Experiment with different styles like palazzo suits, a straight long kurti with trouser pants, a saree or a classic anarkali salwar kameez. This summer get playful with paisley!

Paisley can enhance or camouflage as well as expand your wardrobe by changing the attitude of many outfits. The ancients wore it with dazzling simplicity, the fashion icons are wearing voguishly. It indeed is gaining powers with immense possibilities.

One can also take a subtle approach to traditional paisley. If you don’t want to commit to a complete paisley printed salwar kameez, a print on just the hemline would do the job.

Forget being a plain Jane this season and make a statement with an elegant and classic printed paisley outfit!

 Fashion Forecast: The poignant Paisley Print

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