Lehenga shopping is one of the most fun yet stressful parts of a wedding for a bride. It’s your day to shine, and you want to look your best! And that’s a given, and you shouldn’t compromise on it anyway. 

Selecting a lehenga that suits you becomes very important. It should not only complement your style, vibe, and theme but also your skin tone and body form. While these things don’t define you, they work as a guideline to find correct fits and fabric colours that will look most flattering on your body. Even professional stylists keep these pointers in mind when working with their clients. 

We understand, dealing with Shaadi shenanigans is already overwhelming and piling on the pressure of finding the best bridal lehenga can become nerve-racking. So, to take some of that worry off your hands, we have made a simple guide on how you can select and style your wedding lehenga to flatter your body type: 


There are 5 distinct female body shapes, and you probably fall under one of these categories. Each type emphasizes different characteristics and can help you make a judgment for choosing your lehenga. 

  1. Apple-Shaped Body:

Features: These bodies have more prominent or uniform shoulders, bust and waist, with narrow hips and legs. Also, it is referred to as a circular shape as they do not have a defined waist.  

How to style? Opt for flowy garments that don’t have a figure-hugging silhouette. Like, the lehenga can always get emphasized with ruffles or flared-cut. It will help you give a defined waistline. For blouses, you can go for a jacket style blouse, peplum or one with a boat-neck and open neckline made from soft fabric like crepe, georgette or chiffon fabric. The dupattas, too, should be made of such delicate material.

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  1. Pear-Shaped Body:

Features: Also known as triangle shaped-body, this type is known for its voluptuous and sexy hips curve. They have narrow shoulders with modest bust size, which makes their bottom half look more salient. 

How to style?: For this body type, try to avoid flared lehengas and instead go for A-line cut silhouettes. Whether going for the wedding or reception lehenga for the bride, choose soft and lightweight fabric for the bottom half. Ask the designer for a slim and high waist design to further give more shape to your hips without making them look fuller. Since you have smaller shoulders, a high-neckline or deep neckline with padding will help to divert attention to the top half. 

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  1. Inverted Triangle Body:

Features: Opposite of a pear-shaped body, here the person has broad shoulders, chest, and back while the hips are much narrower. Even the waist will have little to no waist definition.

How to style? Try soft and flowy fabric for your blouse and stiffer fabric while opting for lehenga. Again flared skirt with layers of can-can will exaggerate your lower proportion. You can look for lehengas with heavy detailing in the bottom and minimal style blouse to match the bridal look.

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  1. Rectangular Body:

Features: Athletic and linear is the best way to describe this body type. Rectangular body shapes do not have a defined waist, bust or hips as they all are proportionate to each other.

How to style?:  Since the body is pretty linear, you definitely would want to create curves. So, choose a bridal lehenga with flared or A-line silhouette. It should give volume to the bottom half. Talking about curves, short blouses with plunging necklines are another way to accentuate. And, these blouses are a hot trend for blouse designs, so don’t miss out on these!

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  1. Hourglass Body:

Features: It is known to be one of the most voluptuous body types, where your bust and hips are proportionate to each other, and you have a defined waistline. Generally, these are easier to dress as they look good with anything (*sigh* a blessing, amirite?). 

How to style?: Fish-cut, A-line or flared, everything or anything that will bring attention to your curves and tiny waist will look flattering on you. The style of the design now totally depends on how you want your bridal lehenga to look. 

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