Well, if you have already decided to skip the big fat Indian wedding in 2020 or 2021, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, you must check out the latest guide of intimate wedding ideas.
There are so many perks to having a small wedding. Thinking to host an intimate wedding once the lockdown lifts, and fussing over how to decorate the wedding home all by yourself? Set your anxieties to rest, because we have preserved you some easy-peasy home wedding decoration ideas. They are not just super simple but also adds a touch of an organic and Eco-friendlier way of celebration.
Not only does having a fewer number of guests cut down on wedding costs, but it also allows you and your guests to have more intimate social interactions.

  1. A More Compact Guestlist Is Excellent For Intimate Home Affairs.

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    Pick open areas that can accommodate your guests easily. From open lawns to the terrace- choose a location that can be converted into your intimate wedding space without much effort!P.S. Know a friend or a family member who owns a farmhouse? Well, your intimate wedding celebration cannot get any better as it would be at a farmhouse!

    2. Bikes + Flowerets.

    Add a touch of whimsicality to the entrance of your venue by nestling a bucket of cascading seasonal blooms and lush seeded and silver eucalyptus bundles down into the cradle of a vintage bicycle. A chalkboard or some vintage wood piece with a welcome message on it would be cherry on the top.

     3. Make Customize Tags For Your Chair Backs.
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    Never knew these plain-jane labels could punch up the back of the chairs so wonderfully! Inscribe your nicknames on a decorative piece of paper and personalize yours too. You can always supplement it with some more decorative elements, like some floras and branches

    4. Handwritten Letters Signs.
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    Interact with your guests by crafting personalized signs to flow throughout your reception. Not only will your hand-lettered signs pretty up space, although they’ll also help the twilight flow smoothly.

    5. Adorn Canopies With Multicoloured Buntings.
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    Buntings or also know as dhvaj patt in Hindi are forever best to make a place stimulating and eventful. Just dangle them over the ceilings or at the threshold of your home and they’ll add a pop of colour to your wedding home decor.

    6. The Magic Of Fabric.
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    It’s astonishing what a little material can do. Keep it precise and sophisticated with white fabric, or if you’re after a merry vibe, opt for a bright colour like yellow.
    Bonus: Take this approach and you can go light on the table décor and still get the same decked-out reception look.

    7. Amp It Up With The Power Of The Flower.
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    Layered flower scallops, metallic buntings, bunches of waxflower in wicker baskets, and the most stunning mirror linen. Marigold sequins clubbed up collectively or just hover it on the pillars or ceiling for aromatic home decor, it can your most valuable players! They add just the perfect kind of vibe to your ceremony and do not oblige any sort of additional effort from your end.

    8. Cluster Candles To Make It LIT.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you that candles are great when it comes to decorating your house! it is a great element to add to the home decor for your intimate wedding
    You can opt for floating candles and simply leave them in a vase filled with water or how about using marigold strands to pair with these candles?
    Trim every nook and corner of your house with these beauties to lighten up your wedding shenanigans.
    Aren’t these ideas too pretty to be ignored? Don’t wait for any further and get DIY-ing now!

    9. Hang (a Ton of) Paper Lanterns
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    We understand—paper lanterns are nothing new. But double the quantity of lanterns you usually see hanging in a reception space by 100 and it’s a different story. Don’t we all love how pretty these ball-like structures look? Particularly when in drenched in such rich hues! You should consider them for your intimate wedding décor

    10. Center Tables You Cannot Miss
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    No need to celebrate on a bunch of centrepieces. A patch of moss, a romantic terrarium, candles, a few blooms and a succulent or two and you have a perfectly rustic tablescape.
    No time to find above mentioned tabletops well you can easily pick some decor factors right out of your kitchens! Plus, use them innovatively to do your table settings.

    11. The Backdrop To Capture Your Wedding Memory.
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    Build a stunning focal point that equals as a photo backdrop. Layers of different colours and shapes give guests different elements to marvel at. Think about materials that are easily customizable like tissue paper tassels, balloons, garlands of greenery or paper flowers.
    Whether you’re a crafter or not looking to save some money on your own wedding? or you’re a professional maker of beautiful things who’d like to expand your eco-friendly offerings into the wild world of wedding decor, you’re definitely aware that there are no shortage of DIYs and tutorials floating around that look nearly impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive. But there are also plenty of DIY wedding decorations that you can make use of and that looks way more complicated than they actually are. Hope you had an eye-opening scroll down throughout the vast DIY-ing techniques to offer you the best ambience for your intimate home wedding.

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