Do you call it crop top, or you call it cropped top?  Well, but this is not all. There are many terms for your beloved top of all times.

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Call it something like Belly shirt or tummy top if your belly button is seen or your shirt hits right below the mid-riff.
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Half-shirt, mid-riff shirt or midriff top if you’re top shows your mid-riff skin as well.
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Its called the Short shirt if it is any size shorter than regular shirts, lower hem of it which is high enough to expose the waist.
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And finally, call it a cut-off shirt your shirt is cut shorter without having a defined/stitched hem.
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Crop top today as we know is generally limited to women. However you’d be surprised to know this top was first worn by men during the 1970s and the 1980s. They wore it as a protective gear of American football, eventually cropped jerseys got popular and men started wearing crop tops regardless of the sport.
It became common for women to wear it as workout wear in its loose-fitting form. In the 90s cropped tight-fitting graphic t-shirts became popular among women.
Long-sleeved crop tops and even crop turtleneck tops also became fashionable. Also the crop top became a fashion statement for pregnant women.
This trend slowly faded in men however women started wearing crop tops in the 1980s as a part of aerobic craze due to the insane popularity of the movie ‘Flash dance’ and then ‘Dirty Dancing’. Singer Madonna wore a mesh crop top in her video for her song ‘Lucky Star’.
Even now it insanely popular and is worn by women of all ages. We have fused this crop top in ethnic fashion in stunning lehengas, classic sarees, rich ethnic skirts, drape skirts and palazzos that are trending today! Pick Your Crop Now!