Luxury life, quirky lifestyle, travel enthusiasm, love, fashion, and social media; these are a few connections, stories and the paths that have led them to each other.

We are talking about the gay couple, Instagram influencers and Honey Imm Home founders, Divesh Tolani & Atulan Purohit who inspire people, especially homosexual couples to keep the spark alive in their life and relationship. 

1. Expression Of Love- Over Dance & Travel

Divesh Tolani and Atulan Purohit have over 60,000 followers after setting up their travel blog on Instagram, named Honey Imm Home. They met at a dance group where Atulan was Divesh’s senior. Apart from dance, the couple also discovered that they have a common love for wanderlust which took their relationship to a new level. In time, they chose to travel to Goa, have some amazing experiences through their caravan trip to Maharashtra and also have some fun time in Dubai and these encounters lasted longer than their dance endeavours.

2. Owning & Respecting Their Identities

It started with meeting at a dance place and then messages, calls and the rest being history. The couple didn’t rush things and gave immense time to their thoughts and feelings that would eventually lead to the strong bond. They actually explored the potential when they lived together during the lockdown period. They became stronger as a gay couple and as an individual and finally accepted each other with all the flaws and imperfections. 

3. Honey Imm Home

The big dreamers the boys are, they started off sharing their love for travel and dance on their Instagram page Honey Imm Home- which now is a big family of people who have accepted them the way they are. Infact, with the platform, their communicating skills, and connections, they wish to make tourism destinations more welcoming towards queer people. The duo researches and produces content that demonstrates to LGBTQIA+ people that they can travel the world comfortably and make the most of it. With Honey Imm Home, the couple brings the community’s issues to the limelight. These adorable tales of love and travel should definitely make you believe in the fact that, after all, love is love.

4. Fashion Fanatics- The Couple Who Slays Together Stays Together

Apart from ticking off the to-dos, being a free-wheeling explorer, finding hidden gems and underrated places and walking hand in hand on the beaches, they have also discovered their mutual love for some cool styling. Some great fashion senses have also brought them together. The lovestruck couple inspires many with their ethnic style statement as they flaunt their outfits from KALKI with elan. The amazing kurtas they sported from the brand; KALKI surely make all heads turn. The jet-black festive kurta in Lucknowi thread work and yellow Nehru kurta set of the couple are serving as fashion gestures for the onlookers.

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When it comes to celebrating love and fashion, no one does it better than couples belonging to LGBT community. It really takes a different kind of courage and power to come out of the closet. For ethnic wear for men and wedding ensembles for the groom, one can visit

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