#KALKIBride: These Pictures Of Bridesmaid Shoot Are True Friendship Goals!

#KALKIBride: These Pictures Of Bridesmaid Shoot Are True Friendship Goals!

-by Shreya Humne

KALKI never fails to surprise their brides with endless contest quickies. In order to deliver attention, affection and appreciation, KALKI surely knows the way to a #brides heart.

Recently, through a lively contest on Instagram, where the participants were supposed to follow three super easy steps to win a glam makeover followed by the entire pre-wedding bridesmaid photoshoot (how cool!), KALKI gifted bride-to-be winner, Radhika and her childhood buddies a grand bridesmaid photoshoot that was exquisitely arranged at Yiamas – The Experimental Space (you need to check this place out guys, will definitely leave you jaw-dropped) and the outcome is what you need to scroll down for!

In the midst of all the wedding planning and heart palpitations on starting a brand new life, it can be easy to take your squad for granted (hee-haw!). And since your girls deserve your big day, what better can you do than involving your lovelies in a bridesmaids shoot?


Swooning over the pink and yellow lehenga on your left? Buy this shimmering net lehenga here.

And since the #winner bride deserved every bit of it, Radhika and her gang were escorted to the KALKI store at Santacruz and got a chance to lay their hands on the intricately designed collection and choose from myriads of new styles that was artfully displayed in the store. Looking at what they picked up for the professional shoot states as if they had been planning this since years for the perfect outfit com-mixture!

How adorable the picture is, isn’t it?


Radhika opted for a ravishing red lehenga set together with a perfectly matched dupatta was anatomically designed using the heavy zardosi french knot embroidery work and is enhanced with sequin beautification all over while her friends picked up a variety of flowy lehengas in vibrant and pastel shades.

The girl gang got all dolled up under Kajol R Paswan, the expert makeup artist. The hairdo of the bride was something you would surely rub your eyes on. Needless to say, the make-up was up-to-the-minute for everyone. So, now when you need a job done with such expertise, just leave it to the pros!


After all, they are the ones you fall back on when the multiple make-up sessions have drained you out, who would pull your life out of another outfit scouting to kill you (right?); the ones who know all your moods, and the ones who will continue to support you long after the big day is past.

banner-3 (1)

It’s only fitting to capture the best moments with them by your side while you embark on the next chapter.

Oh! the pink and green lehenga with embroidered beads on your left? Is waiting for you right here.



The pink turquoise lehenga on your right corner is perfect for your best friend’s wedding. Catch hold of it here.

What is the point getting dressed in a super-gorgeous lehenga if you don’t get yourself clicked for that ‘mandatory-twirling-pose’ picture. (but it’s high time we need to change this habitual activity for some reason).



From the getting-ready battle to finally-succeeded relief, you’ll want these shots on your bridesmaid photo shoot list. Don’t you? And that reminds me, we are missing out on the person who had a significant role to play over here. Yes, presenting to you the photographer, Varun Kodoclicker (oops, Kodolikar) and his team who captured that crazy feeling of love , those forever moments which every bride will cherish all her life.


In today’s wedding world, you need a way to wind down and relax at some point of time and when you see your moments been captured in the hands of professional like KodoClicker, you can relax. Believe me, they are bunch of psyched up creative guys. Well, am not bragging about it but hell yeah they are the best you’d ever want! You can check out their cinematic films and video work here.

Hey, and if this is exactly what you are planning for your coming wedding, KALKI’s is way to go! Visit us on www.kalkifashion.com

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