Are you the 2020 bride who wants to be up-to-date with all that’s new and fabulous in the wedding fashion market? Wedding fashion trends change every season and as a bride-to-be, you’ve got to know what’s new in the world of bridal fashion. Here are 10 bridal fashion trends that’ll leave you awestruck. So now without a further ado, let’s dive in it and get you all decked up!

1. Charm Of A Veil

Brides-to-be, what’s your take on covering your gorgeous face with a veil on your wedding day? For those of you who do not know, a veil is a sheer dupatta that you put over your face to add more dimension to your look.  If you’re planning your dream wedding this year, you should definitely think about adding the charm of a veil to your bridal look. It looks extremely royal and elegant.

2. Who Said Chikankari Isn’t Bridal Enough?

For the longest time, brides have been shying away from making a thread embroidered – Chikankari lehenga as their D-day choice but now it is time they fully embrace the  for what it stands for – elegance and class. We agree that wearing a white lehenga may be too extreme on your wedding day and all the aunties will have mini heart attacks, so why not wear it on your engagement or cocktail night?

3. Fancy Head-gears & Big Earrings

Delicate jewellery pieces take a step back and make way for bolder, statement jewellery pieces. From bridal outfits to jewellery, every Indian wants to get ready in heavy jewellery. Layering of necklaces, long earrings, heavy maang tikas, bridal waist belts and big nathanis are big dreams of 2020 brides.

4. Love Coordinated Outfits On Bridesmaids

If not for all the functions, you totally need to have your girl squad wear coordinated clothes for at least one of the ceremonies. Trust us, it looks super cute! The bride can go for bright colors following up with neutral colors for the bridesmaids. This will give the entire squad a harmonious look & the bride will DEF stand out. Also, it will ensure that you nail your best feminine vibes on the day of celebration.

5. Vibrant Vibes For Mehendi

It is very important to wear something very comfortable as you may be required to sit in a certain positions for minutes if not hours for Mehendi.

a. Ditch the dupatta:

The worst part about having an outfit with a dupatta is that it keeps sliding off your shoulder. Also, while you are getting mehendi put on your hands, you would definitely not want the dupatta coming your way.

b. Color & Jewelry Trends

Brides are going for bright colored Mehendi outfits. Colors like bright pinks, sunshine yellows, corals, etc are good option for Mehendi ceremony. Styling yourself with plant based accessories like flowers,  buds is a great idea. Not only it is pleasantly confined, but also the overall look will become soothing experience for you.

6. Traditional Rangoli Hues For Haldi

Off shoulder crop top with skirt, printed lehenga or saree, pant style dresses are perfect for Haldi. Go for lively and vibrant colors like orange, yellow, lime, or garden tones like tangy mustard, forest green to get the cheerful look on this day. Keeping up with these styles, you are all set to be an inspirational bride for the haldi function.

7. We Are All For The PRACTICAL Bridal Trend!

We can’t ignore the swag that a lehenga with a belt style exudes. Not just we are fan of how practical and to-the-point in this bridal lehenga trend but let’s just accept it does look elegant to look at too! Helps your dupatta stay in place and we know how big a relief that is! We so want to see more brides opting for such gorgeous bridal lehengas in 2020 too!

8. Obsessed With The Love Story Lehengas, We Need More!

Yes, we saw some #KALKIBrides & some really pretty love story lehengas last year. Carving your own love story, just the way you imagined it is an extraordinary customization in itself. Such is this the biggest bridal fashion trend & we want to see more of such love story lehengas in future.

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