-by sanjana Vijan

Manish Arora the ultimate craftsmen expert is a well known for his great contributions in the field of designs, fashion and textiles that has put India right on top of the global map. He is particularly known for his intricate craftsmanship by trying out unique colours and innovative designs that can make anyone go crazy about him.

His designs talk more about different colours becoming one that indeed makes the world appreciate his excellence and the way he designs each outfit that turn out to be truly remarkable. His designs speak about the rich Indian heritage that has made people notice of his divine silhouettes and fashion sense.

Manish Arora has been featured across some of the world’s biggest International magazines such as Vogue, Harpers, Elle and many more. He has also collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious brands such as Walt Disney, Swarvoski, Barbie, Mono Prix, Swatch, MAC Cosmetics, Amrapali amongst many others.

The lehengas created by Manish Arora are rich in colours for example he very well knows how to pair bright pinks with sea blue and green and still make it look extremely beautiful. The intricate mirror embellishment on lehengas add that richness to the outfit making it look desirable than ever before!

A pioneer in the field of kitschy designs, Manish marries quirk, contrasting colours and embellishments as seamlessly as possible. The vibrant hues used in his designs are ideal to be worn at a mehendi function.

For the bride who would like to break away from thev monotony of the old school bridal wear, Manish Arora is  like a breath of fresh air.


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