Once a Fashionista always a Fashionista!

Once a Fashionista always a Fashionista!

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It always feel great to live your college days all over again and be with your group of friends who have been a part of it. Make an entry that leaves everyone stunned with these ravishing outfits

Winsome White:

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The right outfit to make all heads turn in recognition as you enter your reunion dressed in this white printed jumpsuit. Sport the right accessories and you are set to have your style points increased.

Beckoning Blue:

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Be the trendsetter as you meet your gang and give them all the reasons to look at you in awe with this royal blue dhoti  gown. Take style a knotch higher with your trendy accessories and rock the party

Gorgeous Green:

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If green is your color and standing out with style your forte, this off shoulder palazzo set is the right choice as you get ready to meet your long lost friends. Be the diva they always looked up to you for her outstanding dress sense and great sense of style.


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