Nine Yards of Grace – Let’s Pleat that saree perfectly!

Nine Yards of Grace – Let’s Pleat that saree perfectly!

-by Karishma

Often applauded for its undying ability to flawlessly lend grace and flattering poise to the wearer, the saree is one of the most popular dresses not only in India, but across the seven seas as well. Whether for a wedding, party or any other formal occasion, this nine yard wonder is often touted as the Wonder Woman of dresses. Effortless once mastered and beautiful once worn,  sarees have a fool proof way of highlighting your feminine side if you know how to pick the correct style for your body type. We narrow down the top three saree styles and tell you what type it is best suited for!

Appealing to today’s modern day brides, the panetar saree symbolic of traditional and familial love has been respected as an heirloom and thus tweaked to fit into today’s scenario with reinventions that catch the eye. Well suited for pear shaped body types, the panetar saree is meant to have the decorative end brought from the back to the front in a pleated fashion so as to best display the grandeur of the work and balance the top heavy figures of many Indian women.

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Pleated saree styles have become all the rage today, moreover with youngsters and with all the right reasons. Offering ease and practicality of draping with longer utility spans compared to the traditional saree, these ready wonders are the real reason why sarees have made such a big comeback.The vivacity of this style means that you don’t really have to restrict it to a particular body type but keep in mind the final look and style that you are going for. While a saree is a traditional outfit in the literal sense of the term, pleated sarees do lend a contemporary tone to it owing to the detailing and design of the look so most taller and slimmer body types prefer this designer look over the regular one.

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The perfect Indian body type, pear shaped beauties have curves that must be flaunted and what better fabric than silk to accentuate and grace! For a more semi formal look, lines and georgette sarees are also great options to balance out the look on the upper and lower end making you feel as great as you look!

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Keeping up with trends could be quite tough what with ever-changing tastes, fads and fashions but we are sure that the saree is one trend that is going to be forever blooming and always pleated!

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