-by Megha

India is known the world over for its rich fabrics, yarns and threads that are lustrous in appeal, and have smooth texture, finish and sheen, that help produce some gorgeous outfits, attires and clothing. It dates back to hundreds of years, when traders from Europe, Middle East and Far East, came to the Indian sub-continent in search of silk, and various other fabric materials. Mostly, it was silk that brought the Portuguese, Dutch and French to India, apart from the British, who plundered and looted Indian wealth, especially precious metals like gold, sapphire & diamond, Indian spices and rich fabric. India was thus revered as the hub of fabric, yarn, clothing and ethnic wear, that brought traders from far and wide. Today, Indian is among the leading countries, apart from China, which produces natural cotton and silk, that are turned into beautiful attires like sarees, salwar suits, kurtis, gowns and lehengas. Indian yarns and fabrics, are of pristine quality, thus provide the apparel industry with the best quality raw material, which are turned into gorgeous Indian bridal attires, party clothing and festive wear. The cotton bales and the silk threads forms the base material for producing any outfit, and since they are of the highest quality, the outfit produced too, are simply eye-catching.


Indian Fabric Quality Does Matter

While choosing a bridal attire or a festive wear, customers always look for fabric quality, and it is the texture, sheen ,color and lustrous effect that guide a customer in buying the best outfit. Comfort along with style, is always on the minds of fashion lovers, while they are on a shopping spree. Apart from these two primary aspects, it is the craftsmanship on fabric, colors, prints and shades, which too makes a difference. Indian fabrics are known for their exceptional quality texture, shine and finish, that instantly catches the attention of all, and it is the sarees, salwar kameez and bridal lehengas, which are the best examples of pristine quality natural fabric, be it cotton, jute, satin or silk. The Muga silk saree of Assam and the Mysore silk saree of Karnataka, are two brilliant examples of craftsmanship on Indian silk fabric that has few or no parallels. So, if you’re thinking of shopping this festive season, try looking for one such designer clothing store for women in India, that sells everything from tunic tops to Indo Western gowns, all under one roof and at a highly competitive price.

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