Have these items ready and start off:

  1. Saree
  2. Blouse
  3. Petticoat
  4. Safety pins
  5. A pair of heels

Follow this video:

Steps to follow to perfectly drape the saree:
To get the perfectly draped saree, make sure you have your heels on before you start to drape.

Step 1: Take the plain side of the pallu and tuck it from the left all around your waist. Make sure it’s evenly tucked from all ends to avoid discomfort.

Step 2: Take the end of the saree and make pleats. Make even pleats and place it on your left shoulder. Keep in mind all your pleats are even and neatly done to avoid any hindrance in your enjoyment.

Step 3: Take the pleats around your waist and tuck it in the center. Tuck it tight enough to feel free and dance your way at the function.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the extra cloth, tuck the pleats in and secure them with a safety pin. You go girl!

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