Sabyasachi- a chest of opulent apparel has never failed to make everyone’s eye pop out in bewilderment with his outstanding use of colors and intricate work. Keeping the Indian tradition alive, his bridal wears don’t just serve as prefect ramp outfits but dazzle you off the ramp as well.

His outfits please the eye as he showcases his superlative work at any fashion show and steals the show.

Bewitching Black

A woman can never have too much black in her wardrobe and who better than Sabyasachi to give it the literal meaning.  His outstanding dress creations don’t just steal the show at an event but also make eyes pop out in awe if you wear it at a function. His bold and opulent prints make women crave for one in their wardrobe. You are ready to have all heads turn and get your style points increased beyond imagination dressed in Sabyasachi Couture.

Passionate Prints


Sabyasachi couture is something that is to the tea for any occasion and not just a ramp ready brand. You are never ordinarily dressed in a Sabyasachi outfit. You carry along with you a class-a class that is a bar higher than the rest. With his extravagant print sense and an appealing color range, you have an ocean of choices that will leave you stunned.