A bridal heaven in every way is what the Sabyasachi store looks like. The store is nothing less than a grand palace of richness and opulence. The store truly understands and brings to life the literal essence of ‘Indian’ with its superlative bridal wear collection.

He is a strong believer in details and every corner of the store has a story to tell-A story of the rich and varied heritage of the Indian culture.

The entire store set up like a bride ready to walk down the aisle with all her charisma and grace.


The bridal lehengas taking up the place at the very entrance will leave you an overwhelmed first impression. Thereafter, each section has been displayed with an alluring color range, from pastels to dark. India is the hub for traditional designs and embellishments. When a bride walks into the Sabyasachi store, she discovers much more than just bridal wear. She discovers a world of intricate designs and colors that define a personality more than just a garment.


From Zardosi to Embroidery to Brocade, there is nothing you imagine and won’t find at this grand store. All your dream dresses come to live and your wedding being etched in everyone’s heart is what the whole idea Sabyasachi has in mind.