Perhaps the most beautiful traditional Indian garment is the saree. Women enjoy wearing sarees not just in their daily life but also on special occasions such as weddings, parties, festivals, and events. No matter what your individual style maybe, you are sure to find a beautiful sari that will match your taste, given the large collection of stunning Indian sarees available in India.

There are sarees for every occasion – Bridal Sarees, Wedding Trousseau Sarees, Party Sarees, and many more.

From simple cotton sarees to sarees made using distinctive textiles, fabrics, colours, patterns, motifs, designs, precious zari, bead, and stonework, etc – the choices available are unlimited. The ever so evolving sarees have been modified as per the generation and fashion needs, here are a few of our favorite ones.

1. Ruffled Sarees

Flowy, airy and above all comfortable, ruffles have been introduced into the sarees with one intent, to modernize it for women who like to experiment with the traditional fashion! And it’s not only working but have become a major fashion trend.

cranberry-red-ready-pleated-ruffle-saree-with-floral-embellished-blouse-online-kalki-fashion-501569_2_.jpg (853×1200)
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2. Dhoti Sarees

Dhoti sarees? Is that a thing? Absolutely! This creation not only looks extremely stylish and fashionable, but its a boon for those clumsy women who don’t wanna miss out on their love for sarees! This style drapes onto the body beautifully giving it an amazing hourglass figure!

fuschia-rose-dhoti-saree-in-crepe-enhance-with-embossed-floral-embroidery-online-kalki-fashion-m001at216y-sg24182_2_.jpg (853×1200)
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3. Stylized Blouse Sarees

For all the daring fashionistas who love to experiment with their style, here’s a gem saree style for ya’ll. Sarees with peplum, cropped, corset, tube, jacket blouses have had a major surge and fan following off late. These style of sarees are extremely popular among the millennial’s. Well, what can we say? We LOVE.

navy-blue-ready-pleated-saree-with-hand-crafted-peplum-blouse-online-kalki-fashion-m001tr203y-sg23252_6_.jpg (853×1200)
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4. Textured Sarees

Plain but not so plain! Textured sarees are a blessing in disguise for those who like to keep it classy but sassy. Without compromising on the style and overall look. These style of sarees are for the risk takers who are confident enough to carry it off!

cloud-grey-ready-pleated-saree-embellished-with-sequins-and-feathers-online-kalki-fashion-501241_5_.jpg (853×1200)
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5. Classic Black Sarees

Just like the ‘LBD’ you can never go wrong with the ‘Classic Black Sarees’. Easy to carry and easy to style, these sarees will look great on any and everyone without even a second thought. This is an absolute wardrobe essential for every Indian women.

ink-black--saree-in-georgette-with-kundan-work-on-the-border-and-pallu-online-kalki-fashion-k002srpset006y-sg24650_4_.jpg (853×1200)
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6. Printed Sarees

Loved, adored and graciously accepted by all saree lovers, printed sarees have been around for sometime now, and let us assure you, it’s here to stay. Take it as an investment, because these style of sarees can be mixed and matched with different styles of blouses and still look as charming, or even more so!

butterscotch-yellow-saree-in-organza-with--floral-print-and-embellished-scallop-cut-border-online-kalki-fashion-k003msu5379y-sg29231_4_.jpg (853×1200)
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7. Sequin Sarees

If you have been paying attention to the ladies of the Hindi film industry in the recent time, you must have noticed tons of sequins sarees and shimmery blouses. Fortunately, this time around they aren’t the gaudy blinding kind! A fashion trend that was incredibly popular in the ’80s and ’90s has come back in a big way. It is a great addition to your wedding wear trousseau and a bridesmaid can turn heads up with complete ease.

crimson-red-saree-in-net-embellished-with-floral-buttis-and-border-online-kalki-fashion-497321_4_.jpg (853×1200)
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8. Banarasi Sarees

From festive celebration to traditional functions, Banarasi Sarees are a wardrobe essential. With the most intricate and extravagant handwork on fabric, whose beauty is just inexplicable, beauty of banarasi sarees remains unchallenged.

spruce-green-banarasi-saree-in-cotton-silk-with-weaved-leaf-motifs-and-colorful-resham-flowers-online-kalki-fashion-k006pkmk187y-sg39202_5_.jpg (853×1200)
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9. Net Sarees

Net sarees are mostly everyone’s first choice when you want to look sexy and gorgeous at the same time ! So what makes net saree so special? Net sarees are by far the best ones when it comes to adding a modern touch to a traditional look while you still look sensuous stylish, beautiful and elegant! The laces, sequins, embroidery designs, shimmer glare through this transparent material brings out the best in you in the most stylish way making you shine like a star for the evening !

cloud-grey-saree-in-net-with-kundan-work-in-stripes-pattern-and-feathers-on-the-pallu-online-kalki-online-508361_4_.jpg (853×1200)
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10. Satin Sarees

A stylish alternative to the fraditional sarees, this style is a wonderful option for the summer festivities. With a comfortable silk blend, these sarees will keep you stylish and comfortable all day long.

mustard-saree-in-satin-silk-with-bud-embroidery-and-mirror-work-online-kalki-fashion-k025snfnhsy-sg31477_5_.jpg (853×1200)
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11. Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani sarees are the perfect combination of bold and bright colors with small-sized motifs implemented all over the fabric. Bandhej sarees are made from light-weight and soft fabric which makes it easy to wear and keeps the wearer comfortable all day long.

fire-yellow-saree-with-weaved-floral-buttis-and-bandhani-printed-pallu-online-kalki-fashion-j004690y-sg27044_5_.jpg (853×1200)
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12. Lucknowi Sarees

Lucknowi Sarees are the most mesmerizing Indian attire for women. It has been doing the rounds for centuries, though the shape, wrap, and design has developed with the evolving times. Another astonishing fact about Lucknowi saree is that it is surprisingly versatile and classy.

dandelion-yellow-saree-in-georgette-adorned-with-lucknowi-thread-embroidery-in-floral-jaal-online-kalki-fashion-k006133sb101y-sg18993_5_.jpg (853×1200)
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These are some of the saree styles that have evolved overtime, and need a space in your closet! What say?