Spin the Color Wheel!

Spin the Color Wheel!

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Celebrate the arrival of a new spring with soft shades of Blue! This season brings with it a sense of inner peace, tranquility, and harmony. It’s all about striking that balance and being mindful. Renew your style-mood with delicate and flowy silhouettes in soothing colors.

Be it Bollywood-inspired DESI style or international fashion hubs, serene spring blues are making their style mark. In the forecasting circles, SERENITY is all that and more! Paired with the prettiest shade of Rose Quartz, PANTONE – the leading authority on colors – gives us a year of not just one but two colors! SERENITY Blue can be mixed fearlessly with other shades of blues — be it ARCTIC, OPAL, NAVY, and TOURMALINE Blue. In addition, SERENITY is also easily paired with REDS, GOLDS, & GREENS.

For 2016, be on trend with color pairings that bring out the best in you. Flaunt elegant sarees — single and embellished colors blocks or mix it up with the Half / Half Style. The salwar also reinevnts itself with amazing silhouettes in the prettiest blues. Also, how about that WEDDING LEHENGA? Ever dream of being that bride in Serenity Blue?

With an exciting palette of colors, imagine the possibilities. Here’s to a STYLE CLOSET OF PLENTY!

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