-by sanjana Vijan

Gone are the days when reds and maroons were the primary colours that fitted well into the Indian wedding closet!  Red’s and Maroons are such mainstream colours that a bride looks incomplete without that colour as it is considered to be auspicious.

But with the advent of new fashion, latest trends and innovative colour palettes the fashion industry is evolving and so are the outfits. Mints are slowly becoming the latest rage in the Indian fashion circuit, thanks to the great designer duo Shyamal & Bhumika and their entire range of exclusive designs in the colour mint.

Mint colour is for those who want to look fresh and not over the top as this colour makes you look chirpy and cute. Shayamal & Bhumika and their designs are no less than a mystical la la land. The outfits that fall into their mint collection is for the modern woman who loves experimenting with new colour shades and mint is something that everybody should totally go for.

Their mint collection had more of princess gowns that are apt for the bridesmaids squad, for a perfect evening reception or for a cocktail party. The mint gowns are subtle and elegant at the same time and can make you look like a breath of fresh air!

Jewellery can be kept very subtle like a simple stud earings, a tiny bracelet and nude makeup and you will just shine like a diva.

For the entire range of mint collections make sure you visit

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