Yes, a ‘rough and tough’ look is the sign of masculinity but that doesn’t mean that men can’t have a well-kept skin. And we don’t mean that they need to book salon sessions or indulge in mani-pedi for this. As we find a lot of information on skin care tips for the brides, skincare regime for men takes a backseat.

So, here we go providing you with the list of tips for sada mundas to look dashing and woo her queen-to-be.

1. The Much-needed CTM

Wondering what’s CTM? It’s a routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing so that their skin is clear of pollution, cigarette smoke and other pollutants and dust present in the air. Washing the face, applying a chilled toner, and finishing it off with a mild or normal moisturizer can prove to be very helpful for grooms to maintain their look and get rid of extra oil and dead skin cells. Believe us, it can be like a magic potion to look good overnight or just before your big day. 

2. Using A Sunblock

The UV rays are as much harmful to men as they are to the women clan. Wearing a good sunblock is quite an essential process for taking care of the skin whether you are outside or inside the home. Sun-blocking is a very significant skincare regime for the grooms to protect their face or skin from sun spots, pigmentation and sun-tan. Wrinkles, early aging symptoms and eye-bag issues can also be dealt by applying a sunblock. Grooms-to-be! You must have noted it down for that radiant skin and to dazzle like a star on your D-day.

3. Eating Right

Avoid eating fast food or junk food as you really need to check your diet for that glow and charm on your face. It is said that food rich in nutrients are a secret to good-looking, healthy, and youthful skin. This is one of the many best things that you can follow for the transformation of tougher male skin into the gentler and softer skin. So, in all the hustle-bustle of the wedding, just don’t avoid nutritious food to fight off the skin issues.

4. Don’t Ditch Your Sleep

Exhausted skin is not what your bride is waiting to see. So, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep for fresh and rejuvenated skin. Sleep away your worries, preparations, plans and even your talking time with your fiancée to jazz up your look and impress her. Out of the extensive list of skin care routines, having a sound sleep is surely one way of looking flawless on your special day. Most men neglect sleeping their way to healthier and brighter skin. Well, don’t forget that grooms have the spotlight on them too!

5. Drink As Much As You Can!

Are you smiling? We are talking about hydrating your body by drinking as much water as possible. Water not only keeps you healthy, moist, and fresh but happy and good from inside. The water can flush out all the toxins from your body and at the same time make your darling wonder what’s the secret behind that radiant glow and smile. 

Just follow the cleaning inside-and-out steps for the radiance and clear skin you need for your wedding day. So, grooms! Just suit up and get set go for the basic beauty programme as suggested.