The #FusionFever with Style Coach Aiana!

The #FusionFever with Style Coach Aiana!

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This Monday morning started on a super stylish note, literally. We had the opportunity of providing some ultra-stylish fusion wear outfits to Aiana, Style coach and owner of the blog Mirror Mirror by Aiana  J.

Aiana is a fashion blogger, stylist and a style coach who keeps it real.  She loves to mix and match and come up with her own unique style statements.

That’s the reason she fit perfectly for the theme of our shoot, Fusion Wear.

What made the experience better was the location of the shoot, The Bar Terminal at Fort.  A location full of quirky concepts, the ambience, service and the staff was extremely impressive and we look forward to lot more shoots at the location.

The first outfit we gave her was the flared Bandhani top with a dhoti pant.


As a brand, we love to experiment with different designs and styles for all our outfits. The fusion wear collection at Kalki is the right blend of Indian and Contemporary Fashion fused up to perfection. What we love about Aiana is her ability to have fun in whatever she did during the shoot. Wacky poses and expressions, crazy moves and a happy face, it just unleashed the beauty of our outfits worn by her.

The next outfit we gave her was a silver top with a beaming orange dhoti pant.  Aiana being the complete fusion freak, she paired this outfit with a pair of sunglasses and the rocked the look.


The last outfit was a long short green jacket with a white dhoti pant. This is one of our favorite and bestselling fusion outfit.  The Green jacket with golden embroidery can be worn with almost any kind of bottoms from dhoti pants to straight pants or even a pair of jeans.


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This was by far the most enjoyable shoot. Aiana’s blog is her expression of style and full of tips about do’s and don’ts of fashion and beauty, style tips and how to wear different styles a whole lot more stylishly.

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