This Summer, Kurtify your wardrobe!

This Summer, Kurtify your wardrobe!

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  1. Asymmetric Hems:

If you feel like going a little off-beat, a kurti with an asymmetric cut is the way to go. Go for vibrant colors and prints to wear to a casual outing.

  1. Full-length fall:

Full-length kurti disguises length and makes you look taller, go for a full-length hem without sleeves to balance the outfit. Don’t think twice to wear big botanical prints!

  1. A-Line Kurti:

An a-line kurti alters the look of your waist and to make it appear flattering. It’s a go-to option for a dinner or a meet-up.

  1. Layered Tunic:

A sheer layered kurti with minimalist embellishments could be worn to a casual party. Less is more!

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  1. Short-Front Kurti:

The shorter front kurti with digital or abstract print gives a chic look altogether. This can be another great option to wear at a party.

  1. Jacket Kurti:

A short jacket kurti with traditional prints like brocade is the fusion wear you need to have! Pair it with Aladdin pants and also add some up-arm cuffs.

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