Tips to Maintain your Favorite Ethnic Wear

Tips to Maintain your Favorite Ethnic Wear

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We all love our elegant and full of bling ethnic outfits, but very important to take some measures to maintain them.






1) To avoid moisture and prevent dew, use silica gel or store naphthalene in your closet







2) Store your silk and knits in transparent air tight bags after getting them dry cleaned. DON’T hang them on the hanger, they might lose shape







3) Place rosemary or lavender sachets in your closet to maintain fragrance and repel moths







4) Use white muslin fabric to store zari or embroidered to avoid blackening







5) Store those heavily embellished and glittery outfits in soft butter paper to maintain their glitz

So if you love your outfits, don’t forget to take care of them!

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