Tips to Sizzle at your Best Friend’s Sangeet

Tips to Sizzle at your Best Friend’s Sangeet

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We all love Sangeet functions! There is dancing, singing, socializing and each one in the family is fully charged.

But it’s very important to look your best at the function.

Here are a few styling tips that will complement those dance moves and help you dazzle in style at your best friend’s Sangeet evening.


@Aiana J Says

  • Dress for the occasion

Wear something which is light weight and comfortable. While you’re twirling and dancing, let your outfit not weigh you down.

  • Color Crack

Get rid of the usual gold and bling. Instead, try a pop up color which will light up the room and your mood.

  • Fusion Freak

Be the fushionista! Instead of the ordinary suit, saree or a gown, try the saree gown style, dhoti with a jacket or a palazzo with a crop top and see how heads turn when you walk in!

  • Make a statement

Put on your favorite neck piece as a headband. This way you can take your perfect Sangeet look to a new level of awesomeness.

  • Remember, it’s the Bride’s day!

Don’t dress up to look better than the bride. It’s her special day so don’t try to upstage the bride, I will end up making you looking over dressed.

So are Sangeet Ready already?

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