How To Wear Dupatta In Punjabi Style? Here Are Interesting Ways!

How To Wear Dupatta In Punjabi Style? Here Are Interesting Ways!

-by Twinkle Bhatia

A closet favorite since the longest time, dupatta, which never grows old. Our grandmothers wore it, our mothers do and so do you! Yes, the trends and styles have changed but dupatta stayed. The outfit instantly gets a twist with a dupatta. Punjab is famous for its traditional wear covering Patiala suits to Phulkaris with beautiful intricacies.

Dupatta finds its place in every Punjabi or actually, even non-Punjabi wardrobes. It is nothing but a contemporary piece of clothing that will go with anything and everything. But if you are looking for the ethnic Punjabi dupatta styles, here are some of the famous ones:

  1. Leave the Pallu Open Style

Suitable for your perfect desi chick look, this Punjabi style of the drape of dupatta is an ideal choice for salwar kameez with bold accessories. It helps to keep your look minimal and effortless. Adorn the dupatta in open style and let it flaunt away your outfit! Check out this look right here.

Aqua Blue Kurti In Crepe With Thread Embroidery And Patola Printed Dupatta Online

  1. One-sided Pallu Fall

Yet another way to flaunt that long dupatta is to carry on one side of your shoulder with or without pleats and letting it down from that side. You also have the option of pinning it from that side and letting it flow with each step. Check out the style, here.

Coral Dupatta In Silk With Contrasting Fuchsia Pink Border Online

  1. Paranda Style Dupatta

Capturing from the roots of sadda Punjab, this dupatta style is unique and traditional at the same time. You simply tie your dupatta to the ends of your hair or to tie all of your hair and let it flaunt your gorgeous new look.

  1. Kalire Inspired

A total knockout style for the Punjabi touch you are looking for. Inspired by kalire, which brides wear on their bangles, this new dupatta will make you a complete patakha! Place the dupatta on one side of the shoulder and the other tied to your bangles. Here’s an easy representation of the style.

Powder Blue Lehenga Set In Lace Embroidered Cotton With Off White Net Dupatta Online

  1. Can knot get over this

A dupatta draping technique that only gives you that extra authentic touch. Inspired from the fields of our Punjab, tying a knot to one side of the dupatta has been an old custom. Redefining the ethnic tradition, this style is a tribute to the bygone values.

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