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Buying Guide for Sarees

What could beat the grace of a yard saree? Absolutely nothing. Its the cultural heritage that's been preserved over the years and passed on from one generation to other from our grandmothers, to our mother & from our mothers to todays modern age girls. saree draping has climbed the ladder of modern elegance and revolutionized its way of draping it. One can style a saree in multiple ways like a dhoti saree, saree gown, lehenga saree, saree with pants, Twisted pallo saree, front pallo saree or wrap around the neck, saree with belt and many more .

Plain saree

Embroidered Saree

An Indian saree in traditional motifs is certainly the most lovable attire for girl. The flawless stitches, rich colors, intricate brocade embellished work and Sequins embroidery is certainly the most preferred clothing among all Indian women especially the brides to be. Embroidered sarees are preferred mostly at the parties, festivals and wedding occasions.

Plain Saree

If you wish to have a simply elegant, stunning land minimalistic look plain saree it is that you should go for. It is not just a versatile piece in your wardrobe but also can be easily dressed up or down. You can style it with a plain blouse for a casual look or even team it up with a statement tasseled blouse, brocade blouse or sequins embroidered blouse for a party look.

Plain Saree
Saree by Fabrics Work
Bandhani Saree

Bandhani Saree

Originated from the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, one of the most popular sarees are Bandani sarees.  bandhej is a highly skilled and meticulous tie-and-die style of creating a fabric design. The fabrics are dyed by hand and the main colors used are reds, blues, greens, yellows and black to get a sharp contrast against white. Bandhani sarees are considered very auspicious and often worn as a celebratory/ festive and bridal outfit in the Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Banarasi saree

Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree is an essence of femininity and brings out the best beauty of women who is draped in it. An integral part of a women’s coveted wardrobe, the Banarasi Saree is a reflection of the Indian values, tradition and ethos. The fascination of Banarasi is largely because of their uniqueness in terms of design, colour combination and patterns. The fascination of Banarasi silk sarees is largely because of their uniqueness in terms of design, colour combination and patterns. Banarasi sarees are rich classic- which you can never go wrong with. You can include them in your wedding trousseau or wear them for you big day. In todays time while banarasi lehengas are the trends of wedding the craze for banarasi sarees has been going on since ages.

chickankari saree

Chickankari Saree

Chikankari Sarees are the most mesmerizing Indian attire for women. It has been doing the rounds for centuries, though the shape, wrap, and design has developed with the evolving times. Its a traditional embroidery style from one of Lucknow’s most ancient and well-known art forms. Pure georgette chikankari, kota chikenkari saree, faux Georgette chikankari saree, cotton chikankari sarees and chanderi Chikankari sarees are ones of the most besotted style loved by women.

Ready Pleated saree

Ready Pleated Saree

Sarees are adorned by all age women. But the beauty of the saree comes out only when draped perfectly. For a modern age women who loves to flaunt herself in a saree but is unable to adhere the art of draping saree, Our Indian Designers have found a good solution. The market now has a new draped version of sarees that can be worn quickly as any other western garments. Now sarees come with a pre stitched pleats attached to them along with ready draped pallo. Sarees are give a modernized touch as its became the canvas for fusion wear like Lehenga-Sarees and Saree-Gowns, Dhoti - Sarees.

zari embroidered sarees

Zari Embroidered Saree

Zari is an intricated art form of weaving threads made of gold and silver. The Designs embellished using zari are so precious beautiful that not just the price of the thread but its over all fabric and the entire look of the outfit gets a royal and rich appeal. Traditionally zari embroidery was used as an embellishment for royal attires. In todays time zari is used to beautify traditional attire. Mainly used in traditional attires like Kurtis, salwar, sarees, lehengas, dupattas, wall hangings etc. to add shimmer and sparkle in our wardrobes.

Mirror embroidered sarees

Mirror Embroidered Saree

Mirror work also known as Shisha embroidery is a traditional art form of using mirrors all over on the fabric or in a particular portion of it. Traditionally it was believed that mirrors shielded one self from evil eye but in modern times today its used as a focal point of interest to elevate the beauty of a plan fabric. One of the most gorgeous sight of mirror works are seen during navratri, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat . Where men and women both are seen in colorful outfits with mirrors flashing and glittering in light If you wish to get a look that makes you stand out in crowd then you should go for mirror embroidered lehengas and salwar Kameez during wedding occasions.

Zardosi saree

Zardosi Saree

Zardosi is a heavy and more elaborate form of embroidered done using golden threads, beads, seeds, pearls. Mainly done on fabrics like silk, velvet and satin. Used to embellish wedding outfits, heavy coats and other products. The most famous wedding saree designs are in zardosi. They’re traditional in nature and also very comfortable and simple to carry.

Sequins embroidered saree

Sequins Embroidered Saree

Sequins creates a 3D effect on the fabric is very popular among the high end designers. Sequins works not just adds a flashy and gaudy look to the clothing but also adds up to the beauty of the fabric. In garments like lehengas or tunic sequins ribbons are added at he border to create an attractive and glitzy look to the garment it can be even concentrated a particular area in peacock and flower motif for an eye catching appeal. In Indian fashion, lace sequin fabric is most often used to make gorgeous sarees for special occasions. One can opt for a sequins sarees for festivals or parties if you wish to get a glitzy and glamorous look. areas.

Gotta Work Saree

Gotta Work Saree

Hailing from the heart of Rajasthan gotta work also know as Aari Tari is a traditional form of metal embroidery used by royalty and priests. However, this pricey form of embroidery is now replaced by silver coated plastic and copper gotta. Used on fabric like silk, raw silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette. Considered as one of the most elegant and sophisticated traditional craftsmanship even today, gotta patti work can be seen on many party wear / bridal lehengas, sarees, achkan-style jackets, suits and dupattas.

Resham embroidered saree

Resham Embroidered Saree

 Resham is the Hindi word for silk, and the patterns, although very similar to those done in zardosi work. While there are some who wish to have a heavy metallic golden and silver work on their outfit , there are some who wish to have colorful subtle embroiders of resham. Resham work on sarees are more colorful and can be can be worn for events across the board You can dress it up with Jewellery or be the gorgeous girl-next-door by wearing it with a simple blouse and funky bindi!