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Half and Half Sarees

Whether it is a casual party at home, or an elaborate wedding function to attend, whether you are a guest or the host, it is easy to charm your company with these chic and stylish half sarees collection. A classic mix of traditional coyness and the brazenness of the modern woman, these half & half sarees are sure to leave your audience admiring you for your fashion quotient.

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Half and Half saree: The trend you don’t want to miss

Saree is one such piece of clothing that has sustained in the fashion arcade since the inception of time. When it comes to Indian saree styles, there are countless ways.  But mostly women resort to the classic saree wrapping styles due to lack of knowledge and draping skills. Draping a saree is plays an important role in completing the overall look. Thanks to the introduction of half and half sarees, you can now pull off an extraordinarily stylish appearance without having to take any extra efforts for draping.

What are half and half sarees?

Indian saree styles can be categorized into various types depending on where they originated from. For instance, Gujaratis have a typical draping style where the paloo of the saree is on the front unlike the regular paloo pattern. Similarly, half and half saree is an outfit that was well-revered in the Southern part of India. It was worn as a celebration garb by women who had just hit puberty.

Half and half sarees in the modern world are slightly different than the ones that were available when they originated. Unlike the regular sarees, Half and half sarees are of two colours. So either the paloo of the saree will be different than the rest of the saree or the pleats.

When to wear half and half saree?

This attire can be worn almost for any occasion. Whether it’s a marriage or a regular festive juncture, half and half sarees go really well as they are available in a myriad range of colors, fabrics and texture. The attire adds a lot of grace to your personality and chances of you going wrong with it are quite bleak. When you choose this Indian saree style, you will not have to worry about draping, simply focus on how you’d want to accessorize it.

When it comes to half and half saree, color combination plays a vital role. If you choose the wrong color for your skin tone or as per the occasion, your look can go wrong in undefinable ways. Why risk when you can simply opt for half sarees online shopping from the house of Kalki? Here, we have an exquisite collection of half sarees online curated by industry-preferred stylists. Find out more about our offers today.

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