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Designer Draped Dresses Collection for Women’s Online

Draping is an art and an important aspect of designing. When a garment is draped it must express it’s fall, fluidity and flow from every angle. The Romans inherited the art of draping from the Greek Culture. The best fabrics to be used for draping are soft fabrics like satin silk, chiffon, georgette, and lycra.
Draping can be a tricky part of designing a garment but when done appropriately it brings out the best look in the garment giving it a perfect finish. There are numerous ways of draping a garment, draping can be as gathers, pleats, tucks/pin-tucks or ruching. 

Different Drapes for Different Outfits

Draping for sure adds an element of interest to any garment.

Lehenga Saree
The lehenga style saree is one of the popular styles amongst today's youngsters. It is a charming blend of elegance and style. It is a lifesaver for all those who do not like the whole haul of draping the 6 or 9 yards of saree. Ready lehenga saree is the latest ethnic trend in the fashion industry today. The traditional lehenga is attached with an additional layer with ready pleats that can be wrapped around the waist giving a cowl drape look. This additional layer then goes from the waist up till the shoulder like a saree pallu. The pallu is can also be pre-stitched ready pleated. 
Ready Pleated Saree
Saree is said to be the most elegant outfit a woman can wear. But draping it can be very complicated to some especially for those wearing it for the first time. Pre- stitched or ready to wear saree can be worn one-step process just like putting a skirt as it has its pallu and pleats pre-stitched. One doesn’t need to buy a petticoat for this as its already stitched to the saree. Pre-stitched saree is very easy, convenient and can be worn within approximate 15 sec unlike the traditional style of draping a saree that would take 15-20 minutes. The best part of a read pleated saree is that it gives u an exact look as a normal draped saree gives.
Drape Gown 
While there are varieties of styles out that are unique, gowns are one of those silhouettes that are mostly loved by women. From getting a figure-flattering look in an A-line gown to looking like a royal princess in a voluminous evening gown/ ballroom gown. For most of the Elite parties or gatherings a party gown is what comes to our mind first. Drapes make a garment look more interesting and appealing. Gowns are one of those styles that turn out to be a perfect masterpiece when enhanced with drapes.  Drapes like ruching, cowl, pleats & gathers, when added to the gowns, makes it look fabulous giving it a vogue style to it. 


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