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Why are masks essential?

Wearing masks in public dramatically decreases our risk of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. Looking at the situation we are in, it's essential to wear a mask to stay away from the virus but, it’s also vital to stay stylish.

Why get these masks?

The mask we wear at the grocery store won't compliment the Indian outfit. So, a special occasion needs something special. You will find the best face coverings here at Kalki Fashion.

What is unique in these masks?

The fabric of the masks we offer is very breathable. It has elastic strings that are convenient and easy to wear. Rendered with rich prints and elegant hand-embroidery these festive masks will surely give you royal and secure feels.

These masks are reusable and will save the environment and your pockets too.

Sacrificing safety is not recommended by us. So, we have included layers in our masks that'll proffer luxurious vibes and will keep you safe as well.

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