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History of Gowns

Gowns trace back their roots to medieval England, an attire for both men and women. They were long dresses that reached the floor, that were worn for special occasions. Gowns were considered to be an official attire worn by royalty and nobles. Gowns have come a long way in terms of style and designs over the years. They became a worldwide trend, adored even in Indian fashion. Gowns made in India have a mixture of western and traditional cultures. The western silhouette beautified with traditional embroideries screams an ostentatious extravagance. 

Latest Designer Lycra Gowns Online that Give You the Experience of Royalty

A man-made fabric with a stretch that hugs the body, designers have used lycra to create figure-flattering designer sarees and gowns. Lycra gowns have a beautiful fall that suits all body types. The feel of the fabric taps into elegant vibes, making it the perfect material for evening wear gowns. Ornamented with glittering sequins and beads, they can be the perfect gowns for the wedding receptions. Shop for the party wear gowns with added dramatic layers and 3D origami flowers. Lycra has a graceful drape that flows like a dream. Draped gowns have an ornate beauty that makes them fit for the red carpet. Deep hues with shimmering accents for evening parties or light vibrant colored gowns with fresh floral embroideries for day-time ceremonies, we have a gown to suit your needs. Feel like a princess from a fairytale in the Lycra ball gowns only on Kalki Fashion. 

Buying gowns has never been easier. With curated collections of latest designer gowns online, Kalki Fashion is your destination for an astounding shopping experience. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best outfits, tailored to perfection only for you. 

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