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Buy Affordable Nose Rings & Finger Rings Online At KALKI

When it comes to using jewellery as accessories, there are a lot more options than the typical earrings and bangles. Nose rings and rings have formed an intrinsic part of a lot of women’s attire for their aesthetic appeal.

Nose rings or pins have been used since traditional times by women and these days’ designers have taken this trend a huge step forward. Found in various designs from plain to studded, these nose rings can range from elegant to sexy and bold. Further, there are various types of nose rings.

While the most common style is used at the nostril where women use both pins and rings, other piercings can also be seen. These include high nostril, bridge piercing and others, and sometimes include a bar instead of a pin or ring. Each of these styles gives your face a unique look and you can choose whatever piercing reflects best on your personality; and style it by using one of the unique designs available at the KALKI Fashion online store.

How To Choose The Best Nose Ring or Rings To Suit Your Face & Personality?

Unlike any other accessory, nose rings look distinctive and scream for attention. Rings are another beloved accessory worn by men and women alike. While a ring is often associated with an engagement or wedding ceremony, a nose ring is all about the choice. Available in a range of metals, ranging from gold to silver and platinum, rings and nose rings are more than just a band around your finger and nose respectively. Here is how you can choose the best.

  • Platinum, floral, gold and silver are few metal options to choose your trinkets. You can experiment with different metals for that stunning and appealing look.
  • Coloured stones, kundan, pearl, meena and floral embellishments can make your nose ring and rings look appealing and trendy.
  • You can ditch the heavy look and go for a makeover with sleek, dainty, trendy, and light ornaments to match your classic and elegant look. Many young girls experiment with lighter variants. You can add interesting boho, vintage, cool, traditional, or suave touch to your look through these accessories.

The Elaborate And Simple Designs OF Nose Rings & Rings Available at KALKI

At our online store, you can choose from a wide range of options ranging from bands in various designs to studded bands and even intricately designed party rings. Adjustable rings, rings with Cz stones, rings etched in pearls, silver finger rings, gold plated nose rings and the naths with chains are few from the plenty of options available at the store. Whether you prefer the dainty appeal of simple design, the cultural heritage of a traditional work carved on a ring or prefer making a bold style statement with a larger ring, you can find each and every type of nose rings online at this fashion destination. Offering a variety of designs, shapes, colours, and styles, we have ethnic nose rings and rings for every person and every occasion.

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