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Gowns are considered as one of the utmost formal outfits to be worn at parties, ballroom or formal events. From flowy voluminous style to Straight A-line it comes in various shapes and sizes.

The terms gown and dresses are more often used interchangeably. The gown refers to formal outfits that are worn on occasions such as weddings, proms or balls. It's Fancy and frivolous designed with a tight-fitting bodice ad a full floor-length skirt.   Whereas, a dress is a one-piece garment could be of any length and can be worn for a formal as well for an informal event. It can be a short dress, midi, or a maxi dress.

Flaunt your inner diva with all grace and style   

Gowns and dress come in various forms and patterns having a unique style for each body type. Designers come up with their best in their elegant creations that make a woman beautiful, confident and attractive as well as suit every women’s body type.

The fabric used to make gowns is cotton, satin, polyester, tulle, net, duchess satin, Milano satin, crepe, crepe satin and other modern materials that represent the personality of a woman and suits her lifestyle the best.

When it comes to buying a gown, one has an option of styling a vivid variety of styles

  1. Ballroom Gowns- From Cinderella to modern fashionista, this is certainly the most amazing attire. Best pick as evening wear that will never go out of style. It’s a perfect option as evening wear. Ideally chosen during wedding and engagement. 
  2. Mermaid cut Gowns- this style is yet another timeless one and still trending. This style looks extremely elegant with a low cut back that emphasizes the figure and the curvature of the back and hips. It has always been a party favorite pick for engagement, galas or black-tie events.
  3. Empire Line gown- Empire line gowns give you a royal look are extremely trendy. Even pregnant women prefer this style. If you want to enhance your body shape and look flawless, go for this mesmerizing trend
  4. A-line gowns- A-line gown is a simple and elegant style gown that suits all body types. They are a perfect choice when you want to have a minimalist look for the new year’s party or as a bridesmaid.
  5. Trumpet gown - This style is fitted through the body, and flares at thighs. A great option for women who have a small waists, such as hour-glass and Petites. Not a good option for pear-shaped bodies. It’s great for strawberry shaped women too because the flare will give a balanced effect.
  6. Sheath Gowns- This style of gown has a straight silhouette. It goes straight down from the hip to the hem with little or no flare. Sometimes a slight flare is added, tapering at the heels to become a long trail. A great option for Petites and hourglass shapes. Even rectangle-shaped women can rock belted sheath gown styles.
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