Calling All The Bridesmaids!
Hey Attention Seekers! Glam up in the desirable sarees,
lehengas & gowns to be in the spotlight.
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Here You Go, Bridesmaids! Premium collection
of Gowns, Sarees & Lehengas for your flirtatious,
glamorous & bubbly being.
Kesa 2.0
Curation for the modern bridesmaids out there. Magnificent hues blended in artful design.
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Resort Prints II
Immersed in the flirtatious floral essence. A collection of striking block hues & extravagant designs.
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Ethnic silhouettes curated for the bridesmaids. To get an enticing baraati look.
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Oodles of Ombre
For all the diva Bridesmaids out there. Flaunt it at your BFF's or Siblings wedding.
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Reflection Edit
Loved by the Bridesmaids! A collection to unveil your glam side.
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Ethnicity peaks high! Classy & comfy outfits for MEN.
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