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Charming Kids Dresses to Match their Charm & Innocence

There is nothing cuter than a child dressed in ethnic attires. Imagine your little one dressed in an adorable lehenga and a shortest top or an ajkan that makes him look like a little rockstar. Pleasing already isn’t it? As endearing as the thought appeals to be, shopping for ethnic wear for kids is equally difficult and exhausting. And that’s where we come into picture.

Dressing up games growing real

When there are wedding bells ringing around, the youngest members of the family deserve to sparkle too. Thanks to the budding social media presence in our lives, just like the grown-ups, now children also have the privilege to dress up like one.

Though toddlers can be garbed like an adult, doesn’t mean they are one. They will always be their cranky selves and thus selecting a kids salwar suit demands some requisites. Be it the suit or kids lehenga, choice of texture will determine the fluidity of the outfit. This in turn will decide the quotient of how grouchy your kid is going to be while wearing it.

Ensure full movement and comfort for your little ones by steering clear from materials like georgette or brocade. Ideal option can be chiffon, cotton, satin, crepe or any material that feels nonabrasive to the sensitive skin of the kids.

More detailing and intricacy on the outfit inevitably means heavier outfits. Bulky attires are a synonym for irritable children. So heavy work on apparels is a complete no no especially in accoutrements like ghagra dress for kids. The reason being that it is already substantial in weight and extra design like zari work or zardozi will simply mass it up.

Get your tots wedding ready with Kalki Fashion

Every child is distinctive. No matter how precisely you are aware of the sizing scales, kids wear is something that can never be standard defined. This is where made to measure type of tailoring comes to every agonized parent’s rescue.

Offering oodles of designs, virtual assistance on board and personalized fittings, kids wear online shopping could never have been more effortless. All you have to do is zero down the pattern and let us take care of the rest. With Kalki Fashion, we are the ones worrying about the fitting so that you can only worry about flaunting your kid’s scene-stealing outfits!

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