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Readymade Sarees: The best way to ace ethnic looks effortlessly

Sarees hold the power to make a woman look beautiful in ways that are beyond definition. Thanks to their flowy nature, these aptly enhances a woman’s natural curves. But the charm that comes on wearing a saree is not as easy to fetch. The wearer needs to be more aware and select the right saree type as per their body. Also, it’s quite important to drape the saree in a faultless manner in order to appear like a diva. Does saree look good on everyone? Yes it does. But, does everyone know how to perfectly drape a saree? A resounding no! This is exactly where a readymade saree comes to the rescue, letting the wearer look impeccable without having to struggle for it.

  • Indian saree styles can be categorized according to their way of draping; both paloo and pleats. Though pleats are pretty much standard for all sarees, the paloo can be draped in multiple ways. The paloo can be draped in Gujarati style, Bengali, Butterfly, Nauvari, Gol paloo, Rajasthani, dhoti style and neck wrap style. Until you have had enough draping practice, getting the wraps right is next to impossible.
  • A saree is generally 5 to 9 yards in length and draping something as long as this is not a joke. This is why it is a smart choice to opt for ready to wear saree where pleats and paloo are stitched in place and you just have to wear it like any other normal outfit.
  • Ready pleated saree saves the bride or any wearer from the hassle of last minute draping and guarantees perfection irrespective of the person who is draping it.

Readymade sarees on Kalki Fashion’s website are available in numerous designs, colors and styles. This is because the Kalki Designer understand that saree is a very versatile outfit that can be carried at multiple occasions. The collection of ready Indian saree styles are smartly segregated into heads like fabric, price, work, color and occasion. Also, a virtual assistant on board to ensure that your online shopping experience is exceptional, and you do not settle for anything less than you deserve.

So, the next time you refrain from buying a saree just because you cannot drape it, ditch the doubt and buy ready to wear sarees from us.

Different Types Of Readymade Pre-stitched Sarees

Love wearing sarees but finding it difficult to handle and carry. Isn’t it? Here’s the solution in the form of KALKI’s stunning pre-stitched or ready-to-wear pleated saree collection that will turn you ethnic as well as fashionable.

  • Readymade Sarees For Office Wear

    The whole draping hooha is really not feasible when you are heading for your boardroom meeting or regular office. Go for contemporary fusion saree with a unique draping style. Infact it’s readymade that will save your effort and time of draping one.
  • Casual Readymade Sarees

    Stepping back from wearing sarees just becausle you are pushing for time? Yes, the perfect draper requires time and skill. But KALKI saves it all with its innovative casual readymade sarees with ready pleats.
  • Pre-stitched Partywear Sarees

    pre-pleated partywear sarees is the answer to your saree draping woes. The hitch of draping that comes in your way is solved with a pre-stitched partywear saree collection of KALKI.
  • Cotton Bandhani Sarees

    Just put on the simple cotton bandhani sarees in pre-pleated style and be the millennial woman you are. Yes, there are trends that can really make your life casual and easier.

Reasons For Choosing A Readymade Saree

A saree is an attire that is always in fashion but of late, the modern women are taking a step back to drape themselves in time-taking sarees. For that matter KALKI gets you the winning outfit- a pre-pleated saree that makes draping achievable. So, here’s why you must choose a readymade saree.

  • Saves Time

    Your love and hate relation with sarees is understood and that’s where the already-pleated saree takes a stand to save your time of adjusting the drape and pallu.
  • Loads Of Style

    Many women find it challenging to get the stylish saree as per their modern persona. Concept sarees or the pre-stitched sarees are the most effortless and in-vogue outfits that can offer you loads of edginess, style and glam for your party and festive wardrobe.
  • Traditional Makeover

    The ethnic saree is something that appears difficult to be draped. However, the readymade sarees can be worn easily by everyone and the result looks fabulous too. The pre-pleated style can get you the full appeal of the ethnic saree while making you stylish.

How To Wear Ready-pleated Sarees In Seconds?

Ready-pleated sarees don’t have the quirk factor alone but the quick factor as well to make the wrapping super-easy and hassle-free. Here’s how you can quickly put on the pre-pleated sarees in seconds.

  • Get a petticoat

    The pre-pleated saree is already draped in a manner that would cling on to you like a saree. But before that you might have to buy a petticoat separately because not all designs have attached petticoats.
  • Slip into it

    Pleats are even, excess fabric is already stitched and tucked into the underskirt. So, forget the bother of draping and just wear it like a skirt by slipping into it.
  • Take the pleats over the shoulder

    Pleats are already done, so there are hardly any modifications to be done. Just hold it and take it over the right shoulder.

What’s more? Just a few seconds, a few steps and there you go standing like a desi diva in a saree that is stitched in a way that people can hardly notice the difference whether you are wearing a normal or a pleated saree.

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Ready-pleated sarees are a new concept-based saree collection that gives you a room for experimentation while beholding the same vision of a saree. The pleats that are already stitched makes it easier to wear and carry; especially for the younger audience.

Wrapping is not required in this concept and is worn easily like a skirt. You can just put on the pre-draped saree like a dress.

It’s a ready to wear saree with adjusted pleats and pallu based on your height, dimensions and weight. Based on bust and waist size and the height of the woman, the skirt size and length can be adjusted.

Unstitched sarees are traditional and conventional and reflect the old-school style. It’s an unstitched piece of fabric that is draped by adjusting pleats and pallu. Women have been wearing unstitched sarees for time immemorial. On the other hand, stitched sarees are designer ensembles that allow women to put it on like a dress. The pleats and pallu and rest of the make are already stitched and adjusted to save time and draping efforts.

Women wear stitched sarees at offices, parties and weddings because they are easy to wear, carry and move around. Wearing it just like a skirt makes the pre-pleated sarees appealing and trendy.