Silk Sarees

Silk in India is highly esteemed as a fabric which is wildly popular and in demand. Silk sarees are made by traditional saree weavers and is a legacy that has been passed dowm from generation to generation among silk craftmen and weavers. The smooth to touch and shiny texture of silk is immensly sought after by Indian ladies, due to thier ultra luxurious and fashionable look.

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Crimson Red Saree In Dupion Silk With Cut Dana And Zari Embroidered Floral Buttis And Border
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Magenta Dual Toned Saree In Organza With Lehariya Print And Gotta Patti Embroidered Paisley Motifs On The Pallu
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Powder White Saree In Organza With Multi Colored Sequins And Pita Zari Embroidered Floral Motifs On The Border
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Mint Saree In Cotton Silk With Contrasting Floral Print And Gotta Embroidered Scallop Border
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Magenta Dual Toned Saree In Organza With Lehariya Print And Gotta Patti Embroidered Geometric Floral Border
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Orange And Fuchsia Dual Toned Saree In Organza With Lehariya Print And Gotta Patti Embroidered Geometric Floral Border
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Rani Pink And Fuchsia Dual Toned Saree In Organza With Lehariya Print And Gotta Patti Embroidered Geometric Floral Border
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Orange And Coral Dual Toned Saree In Organza With Lehariya Print And Gotta Patti Embroidered Geometric Floral Border
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Blue Saree In Organza With Mirror Embroidered Floral Jaal And Peach Ready Blouse
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Importance of Silk in India

Silk has always been the fabric of class and elegance. It gives a spatial definition to the word ‘elite’. Silk is also known as ‘Paat’ in East India, ‘Pattu’ in South India and ‘Resham’ in Hindi or Urdu.

Silk clothing in the Indian culture has been associated with auspicious occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays and pujas (prayer service).  Although Silk was brought to India by foreign travelers and traders, Indian silk emerged as an important export item for India as well as the world. Some of the popular varieties of Indian silk are Arani silk, Banarasi silk, Gadwal silk, Kanjeevaram silk (Kanchipuram silk), Kora silk, Mysore silk, Patola silk, Assamese Silk and Pochampally silk.

Pure Silk Sarees in India

Pure Silk Sarees in India are considered to be a rich and luxurious item and have been in great demand throughout the world since the late eighteenth century. Most of the Silk Sarees in India come from the southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and are also sometimes called Indian Pattu Sarees. With the advent of technology, one can now buy south Indian Sarees online for affordable prices and have them delivered right at one’s doorstep. Shopping for Sarees, especially for joyous occasions, is almost considered as a ritual in India and Pure Silk Sarees serve as opportune and expensive gifts that also look stunning when worn. A lot of hard work and sweaty brows go into the process of selecting the best Saree, and being able to buy Silk Sarees online comes as a relief for many people, especially brides and their families.

Whether it’s the bride buying the perfect Saree Lehenga for her wedding or the families buying a Saree as a gift, Buying Silk Sarees Online has made it possible for customers to shop from their homes, offices, transport or while walking down the road. Shop online Silk Sarees, buy Pure Silk Sarees online and border silk sarees that emanate grace, luster and richness.

The Craft of the Indian Silk Saree

Silk Saree making in India is a craft that has been passed down as a legacy in the families of traditional weavers, artisans and craftsmen for hundreds of years. It is said that the craft of making the famous Silk Patola Sarees of Gujarat is a close kept ancestral secret that is now known only to three weaving families.
Different types of Indian pure silk Sarees are made with different types of techniques and have different specialties.  Banarasi Sarees are Border Silk Sarees, i.e Silk Sarees with heavily crafted borders of brocade and Zari in golden color while Kanjivaram Sarees are noted for their broad, crafted borders with motifs. A traditional Indian Silk Saree usually takes between half to six months and sometimes a year to complete.

Colours, Works and Embellishments

There are many kinds of embellishments and craftworks used in adorning the Indian Sarees. Earlier, traditional motifs such as flowers, lotuses, mangoes, paisley, elephants etc. were used. Now the styles and prints of Sarees have expanded to include many contemporary and artistic prints and motifs as well.

Some of the craftworks and embellishments that are commonly used in pure silk sarees are borders (lace border, brocade border), Zari work, Resham thread work, Kundan work, beautiful embroidery especially intricate hand embroidery, sequins (or sequence), stones work, gotta Patti work, thread work, and stone embroidery etc.

Pure Silk Sarees online at KalkiFashion are available in a myriad of colors like cream, pink, green, beige, yellow, black, purple, blue, red, peach, grey, gold, mustard and off-white etc. Half yellow and half golden patola saree, black saree in silk, bridal outfits in bottle green colour, embroidery cotton saree with black and green mix colours, genuinue kanjeevaram sarees in red with green border, simple georgette beige saree with burgundy embroidered border etc. are some examples of great color play on genuine silk mark sarees from KalkiFashion.

Silk Sarees as Wedding Outfits

In South India, Sarees are mostly worn by brides as their wedding attire in many cultures, as opposed to the North Indian Lehengas and Lehenga Sarees.
Silk Sarees are ideal as an outfit for weddings regardless of whether you are the bride, bride’s family, her friend or just an acquaintance. Famous and influential social personalities like politicians, businesswomen, bollywood actresses and celebrities are seen wearing Silk Sarees to many events, bollywood weddings, press conferences and promotional events. E.g., the beautiful and famous Sridevi is seen wearing heavy Kanjivaram Silk Sarees to weddings and other functions frequently.

To shop for Celebrity Wedding Silk Sarees online, KalkiFashion is your one stop shop!

Pure Silk Sarees Shop Online with KalkiFashion

Kalkifashion brings to you an exclusive range of rich online Silk Sarees to choose from. Buy Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees online, buy Banarasi Silk Sarees online and buy Mysore Silk Sarees online at the comfort of your hands. You can now Buy South Indian Sarees online at affordable prices with just a click and we will deliver them to your doorstep in any corner of the world.
Use our easy and customizable size and fitting tool at our pure silk Sarees shop online at the KalkiFashion online store. Buy plain pure silk sarees online with KalkiFashion Silk Sarees coz we make the tedious Saree shopping ritual a relaxing delight. We provide cash on delivery and free shipping worldwide, bringing your dream clothing right to your doorstep.

Our Promise

At KalkiFashion, all designs and patterns are intricately crafted on rich, thick silk material. You can rest assured that your Saree is made out of only the best fabric. Rediscover poise when you buy Silk Sarees online with Kalkifashion’s craftsmanship and elegance.
Shop Online for Silk Sarees with confidence as we are a member of the Silk mark and our products are made in 100% pure silk which marks our standard and your trust in us.

You can find your perfect attire from the huge collection of Sarees online in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs that blend modern trends with the earthiness and grace of the Indian culture in a perfect mix.

Each Saree is designed with a fresh design and personality in mind, be it contemporary and smart or traditional and arty. The collection features both pure Silk sarees and mixed Silk Sarees.
Whatever be your choice, hearts are sure to skip more than just a beat when you mark your presence with your perfect Silk Saree from KalkiFashion.

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Nothing beats the beauty quotient added by a silk saree. Silk sarees have a wonderful combination of elegance and grace, which every woman looks for in a saree. Whether you are dressing up for a festival or a wedding, the level of elegance added by a silk drape is unmatchable.

KALKI provides you with a platform of a variety of silk sarees in Cotton Silk, Tussar Silk, Art Handloom Silk, Banarsi Silk, Dupion Silk, Drape Silk, Zari Kota Silk, Organza Silk, Satin Silk, and Crepe Silk. One can shop for any piece from the store and look breath-taking.

Art Silk is shortform for Artificial Silk. It is manufactured by a synthetic fibre like rayon that very much resembles the silk fibre; however, it costs a lot less on the front of manufacture and production. Ethnic attire like art silk sarees, salwar kameez, and lehengas are made with art silk to keep the cost economical.

There is something about silk sarees that brings a whole new level of elegance and class. But to pull it off with an arresting look, it is important to drape it right especially because it has a smooth texture and a tricky fabric. One should choose the right blouse matching the saree and not over accessorising it.

Finding a matching blouse for silk saree can be a tough nut to crack whether you’re planning to wear it to someone else’s wedding or on your own wedding. It can turn into a sheer disaster if the blouse does not enhance the look of the saree. Monochromic blouses can never go wrong but we can also go for contrast coloured silk blouses, blouses with the same design as the saree border, zari butti designed blouses, net blouses, and sequin blouses.

It has a good collection of blouses for silk sarees like raw silk blouses, plus size blouses, designer backless blouses, sequin blouses, custom made saree blouses, bridal blouses and many more.

Silk sarees at KALKI come with both matching stitched and unstitched blouses. They offer you different sizes of the blouse and you can also ask the blouses to be customized according to your will and choice. There is a blouse design chart available which will help you to choose the design of the blouse if you are ordering for a stitched blouse.

Sarees in Tussar silk or cotton silk are the best options to wear at offices or for formal get togethers. You can choose sarees with zari borders, mostly monochromatic. You can match it with monochromic blouses of the same silk fabric. Add some light weighted jewellery and slay your office look.

They are well crafted with latest designs, patterns and prints to elevate your glamorous looks at parties and functions. They cater silk sarees blended with patola jaal, weaved with floral motifs, brocade, art handloom silk and more such innovative ones. You will certainly find the best piece for you according to your choice.