Embrace ‘LAAL ISHQ’ Collection For Red Is The Colour Of Love!

Strength, fire, divinity, vibrance and sexuality- red is all about these! Isn’t it? With red or our ‘Laal Ishq’ collection of designer, stylish, trendy and fusion wear, you can unabashedly wear your heart on your sleeves. From a demure lacy saree to heritage lehenga or any dramatic off-shoulder one-piece and other bold options, you can never be short of inspiration with our red or ‘Laal Ishq’ designer numbers. Whether it is for men or women, red will never disappoint you!

Rohit Singh Rajput
In-house Bridal Couture Stylist
Celebs Are Taking Red Way Beyond ‘The Red Carpet’

Celeb world is the arena where fashion fantasy plays out and red is the latest that is celebrated. From Katrina and Yami Gautam to Bipasha and Deepika; these are few of the Bollywood brides who have dazzled in red. And not only weddings and events, the stars have posed for the paparazzi in red even at the airports and dinners. Remember, Dips all-red airport look?

Niti taylor
I have always been a fan of red sarees, but this one is my absolute favourite. It has all the show and comfort
Farheen Panjwani
I believe in red day best day, this flawless saree is a whole vibe.I felt adorable while draping it and got like uncountable compliments that day.
Rohit Singh Rajput
In-house Bridal Couture Stylist

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      Skin Deep Into Fashion- History,
      Origin & Transformation Of Red Tattoos!"
  • There is firm evidence that tattoos are an ancient form of art and have evolved since early times. Societal attitudes towards tattoos have also changed over the years. The tattoos date back to thousands of years ago and there were discoveries on the mummified skins as well. In Fact oldest evidence of tattoos is believed to be between 3370 BC and 3100 BC.
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