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Peach Pink Saree In Banarsi Chanderi & Pure Handloom Cotton
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Blush Pink Saree In Banarsi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton
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Multicolor Stripe Printed Saree In Chanderi Cotton With Gotta Patti Work On The Borders
Special Price $161.00 Regular Price $179.00
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Wild Orchid Pink Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton With Banarasi Chanderi Weave
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Beige Saree In Banarsi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton
Special Price $54.00 Regular Price $67.00
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Daffodils Yellow Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton With Banarasi Chanderi Weave
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Moss Green In Handloom Cotton And Banarasi Chanderi Geometric Woven Pattern
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Rouge Pink Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton And Banarasi Chanderi
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Blush Pink Saree In Banarasi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton With Brocade Embroidery
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Powder Green Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton With Banarasi Chanderi Weave
Special Price $91.00 Regular Price $114.00
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Pista Green Saree In Banarsi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton
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About Chanderi Sarees

Saree in any form is an absolute favourite for ethnic-loving Indian women but a hand-woven Chanderi saree has a distinct charm and appeal. A Chanderi saree is every woman’s dream and is flaunted by ladies at various Indian occasions, religious functions, and weddings.

History Of Chanderi Sarees

The history of Chanderi sarees dates back to the 2nd century and has got a refreshing new look. The brilliant motives on the luxurious silk or cotton add sparkle to the traditionally-woven fabric. Chanderi hails from a town in Madhya Pradesh named Chanderi. The Chanderi sarees made in this state are of cotton and silk fabrics with patterns that can be found in Chanderi temples. This fabric or Chanderi sarees are light, comfortable and have a luxurious fine feel to it. It can be worn in both summer and winter.

Handwoven in Tradition

Chanderi sarees are made from weaving silk threads and golden zari to produce the shimmering texture. Woven with hand spun cotton yarn, fine Chanderi fabric was extracted from Kolikanda root which was light, strong and had a glossy finish. Different types of needles are used to create different motives and then weaver cover the motives with silver gold or copper dust. This is also a part of handweaving the Chanderi saree process.

Types Of Chanderi Sarees

The nine yards of wonder comes in various styles, patterns and colours. Let’s have a look.

  • Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

    Pure Chanderi silk sarees are known for its sophisticated beauty, unique texture, rich feel, pastel as well as dark hues and the luxurious weave.
  • Chanderi Cotton Saree

    Chanderi cotton sarees spell comfort class and easy-breezy charm during summers. The charm of the crisp, elegant and colourful Chanderi cotton sarees is eternal. If you are a fan of a saree, you can pick from a variety of Chanderi cotton sarees available at
  • Chanderi Pattu Saree

    Pattu is a Tamil word which means silk which is a hallmark of elegance and luxury among South Indian women. Known for its glossy transparency and sheer fabric, Chanderi pattu sarees are donned by South Indian women at grand occasions and festivals.
  • Chanderi Banarasi Saree

    Handloom Banarasi Chanderi silk sarees are apt for weddings, parties and festivals. Chanderi Banarasi saree is a fabric variety of any Banarasi saree No wonder, Chanderi banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in India for its rich use of zari and exclusive weaves.

How To Style Chanderi Sarees?

Your Chanderi sarees should shine as bright as it could. For that you can style your Chanderi sarees in various ways possible. We provide you some tips and styling hacks. You will definitely love our style lesson for your Chanderi sarees.

  • Accessorising Right

    Apt accessories can spice up a woman’s appearance in Chanderi sarees. Your belt, footwear and handbag can make your Chanderi saree appearance come across as unique, subtle, traditional, smart, fancy and designer. It’s up to you to choose what you want for your desired look.
  • Hairdo

    With every outfit, the first thing that comes to your mind is the hairstyle you choose. You can balance the look of your shiny Chanderi saree by making a high pony or styling it into a bun. Keeping your hair tied up or folding it into a bun can allow your facial features to show to radiate.
  • Jewels

    As Chanderi sarees are part of our Indian society, the tradition and culture women can dig their old closet and take out the gold jewellery pieces to shine with their ethnic sarees. Rework a gold choker necklace or golden baalis to enhance your creative space and shine like a diva.

KALKI Fashion- Your Destination For Chanderi Silk Sarees

One can explore the new collection of hand-weave sarees and Chanderi silk sarees online at Authentic handloom silk sarees like Banarasi Chanderi, cotton Chanderi and pattu Chanderi silk sarees for weddings are available at the online fashion store in various shades and patterns like floral, jaal, paisley and geometric.

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Chanderi sarees are popular all over the world for its lightweight shine and finesse. The glossy texture and lightweight mixed Chanderi sarees matchless and set it apart from other fabrics, hence making it very much in demand.

Since Chanderi sarees are all about zari work ladies want to flaunt that. For that matter you can drape the saree in a way that flaunts the pallu in the front. One can also use a belt or an ornament like kamarbandh that can add a tinge of modern fashion to your old school saree. Pant style is another way to wear a Chanderi saree in a Marathi style.

Chanderi silk sarees should preferably be dry cleaned. This would ensure that the fabric is not damaged. Or you can wrap the saree in a cotton cloth or muslin cloth bag.

KALKI offers a unique collection of Chanderi sarees online that are sure to steal your heart. You can pick depending upon the choice of fabric, colour, motifs and price.

The fabric texture or the silk warp of Chanderi silk saree is very soft. The weft thread is cotton whereas the warp thread is silk which is not a common weave style in other textile products.

Chanderi silk sarees come in a wide range of styles and are quite popular all over the world. The zari work employed on the borders and in between actually determines the price of a pure Chanderi silk saree. The denser a zari work, the higher the price goes. So, a pure Chanderi silk price depends upon the zari and enhancements.

It definitely depends upon what kind of look you want to create for the wedding. If it is a traditional Indian look, Chanderi silk sarees are a must-have for its elegance, gloss, and splendour.